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Meet St. Joan of Arc! • Saints for Kids
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  “It is the King of Heaven who sends me,” Joan told the commander of the French army, “and if you will follow my banner, God will help you break the siege of Orléans.”   This post is from MISSION:CHRISTIAN: … Read More

The Toy Purge Challenge
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Why Getting Rid of Most of Your Kids’ Toys Is Good for Them (and How to Sort Them Out)   The experts said we should get rid of three-quarters of our kids’ toys, so we spent a Saturday morning rounding up … Read More

7 Pro-life Summer Activities for Your Kids
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  School might be almost over, but there are still many ways to learn about the gospel of life during the vacation months. Use these fun activities to get your family active in the pro-life movement with ease.   by … Read More

Saint Kevin • Playing with the SAINTS!
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  Do you like to eat vegetables? Is it possible for apples to grow on a willow tree? Would a bird ever build a nest on YOUR hand? Amazing things happened to Saint Kevin!   by Christine Henderson St. Kevin … Read More

Saint Rita • Playing with the SAINTS!
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  “I want to be a doctor when I grow up!” “I want to be a teacher!” What do you want to be when you grow up? Could God have other plans?   by Christine Henderson Do you know what … Read More

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4 basic practices for raising kids with faith

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» Serve with your kids «

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