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Build a Blessing Box for Neighbors in Need
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  They go by many names, but they’re often known as Blessing Boxes—little charitable dispensaries that people set up in public places for those in need. But as the women behind the movement will tell you, the boxes are a … Read More

Proclaim the Gospel • Family Time!
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January 21 – January 27: Third Week of Ordinary Time St. Sebastian + St. Agnes + Ven. Satoko Kitahara + St. Francis de Sales + Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul + Sts. Timothy and Titus + St. Angela Merici   New to Family … Read More

Saint Agnes • Playing with the SAINTS!
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  Would you be willing to die for the love of Jesus even if you were only 12 years old?   by Christine Henderson   St. Agnes was born way back when the Catholic Church was still very young, in … Read More

Now Is the Time | Breaking Open the Word at Home
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  In the readings for this Sunday, Jan. 21, repentance is the key. From the winning failure of Jonah (winning for Nineveh, yet failing himself), to Paul’s urgent message of time running out, to Jesus taking the baton from John; … Read More

Pro-life Videos to Watch with Your Family
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  Videos can be powerful tools for teaching children about the sanctity of life. Here are eight YouTube clips you can share with your family to help mark the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.   … Read More

4 Ways to Thrive as Catholic Parents This Year
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  In the midst of our shared parental experiences of exhaustion, a grateful stay-at-home father and licensed therapist shares his doable, practical and unique tips and truths to help Catholic parents thrive.   Editor’s note: Jim Otremba, M.Div, M.S., is a … Read More

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4 basics

4 basic practices for raising kids with faith

» Pray with your kids «

» Talk with your kids «

» Serve with your kids «

» Celebrate grace with your kids «


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