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The One Who Humbles Himself Will Be Exalted • M:CEE
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August 28-September 3: 22nd Week in Ordinary Time St. Augustine of Hippo + St. Gregory the Great + World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation + Jubilee for Volunteers and Workers of Mercy How to Use M:CEE • Daily Missions • Power … Read More

Send Your Kids to School with a Prayer
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When you pray for God’s blessing on your kids’ school day, you’re equipping them with something far more valuable than a #2 pencil or textbook. Here are three simple ways to go.   Starting the day with morning prayer is one of … Read More

Know Thyself | Breaking Open the Word at Home
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  Last Sunday’s readings spoke of the importance of accepting correction. This week’s readings unpack that value with a discussion on humility—a necessity for any Christian. What is true humility? God’s Word tells us in a multitude of ways.   … Read More

Kubo and the Two Strings | Bigger on the Inside
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  Kubo and the Two Strings is visually beautiful, has a good soundtrack and an engaging story. If you are going to see it with your kids, here’s a quick review of what you’ll experience. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry Caution: Contains … Read More

Go Out to All the World • M:CEE
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  August 21-27: Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time Queenship of Mary + St. Rose of Lima + St. Monica + Meditative Prayer for Catholic Kids + 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids How to Use M:CEE • Daily Missions • Power to … Read More

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4 basics

4 basic practices for raising kids with faith

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