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How Max Learned the One Thing That Matters
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    Max’s autism made it especially tough for him to grasp the reality of God. But when Max had to altar serve alone for the first time, our parish priest’s friendship and wisdom drove home for both of us … Read More

Meet St. Nicholas! • Saints for Kids
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  Meet Saint Nicholas! The real-life saint who would later become the basis for our modern-day “Santa Claus” was gentle with children, but tough when it came to defending truth and justice.   This article is taken from the MISSION:CHRISTIAN Advent+Christmastide … Read More

Take Your Kids Christmas Caroling
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  We took our kids caroling at a jail, a hospital, and a nursing home last Advent. Not only was it more fun than we imagined, it offered our kids a couple of graced moments that brought home the true … Read More

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4 basics

4 basic practices for raising kids with faith

» Pray with your kids «

» Talk with your kids «

» Serve with your kids «

» Celebrate grace with your kids «