Rich Soil | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  This week’s readings remind us of God’s love for all creation, and creation’s holiness just by the virtue of its having been made by God.   by Jen Schlameuss-Perry   Readings Isaiah 55:10-11 My word shall not return to … Read More

God So Loved the World | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  God is a community of love. We call this community the Trinity. God is a model for us of how we’re supposed to live in relationship, and our families, our “little churches,” are a reflection of that love. We … Read More

Make Disciples of All Nations | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  After spending time with the Apostles after the Resurrection to prepare them for their mission, Jesus went back into heaven to get things ready for us. We need to remember that, just because he went to heaven, doesn’t mean … Read More

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