Water Into Wine | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Today we hear of Jesus’ first miracle—turning water into wine at a wedding. It can be a reminder that, even when we think we don’t have what we need, Jesus works with what we do have and makes it into what … Read More

Baptism of the Lord | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Today we celebrate the first event in Jesus’ public ministry—and in it, he allowed himself to be ministered to. It was the moment that the Jewish ritual of repentance became the reality of God’s forgiveness and how we came … Read More

Epiphany | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Happy Epiphany!  Today’s Gospel features special visitors who came to Jesus, bringing him gifts because it was revealed to them that he is someone special. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry Jesus’ birth is celebrated in the bible with two birthday parties.  … Read More

Impossible Mothers | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Jesus came to fulfill God’s promise to make the relationship that we broke with him whole again.  He was already working on it before he was even born. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry Today’s Gospel treats us to the meeting of … Read More

Rejoice! | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Woo hoo! It’s Gaudete Sunday! We’re more than halfway there to Christmas! The word gaudete means “rejoice,” and today’s readings are all about that. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry The reading from the Prophet Zephaniah tells us that God will rejoice … Read More

Being Restored in Christ | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  This Sunday, we are reminded of God’s promise to restore us to right relationship with him and our role in that restoration. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry Today’s first reading from the prophet Baruch offers the image of Israel who had … Read More

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