Doubting Thomas? Brave Thomas! | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Throughout the Easter Season, our first reading comes from the Acts of the Apostles instead of the Hebrew Scriptures because it tells the story of the first Christian Community—the continuation of the story of the Resurrection.  Because, our story … Read More

From Palms to Passion | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Today begins Holy Week—the most solemn and important week of our liturgical year. It is the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem, and the entrance of the Church into the Paschal Mystery. We have two Gospels that express two natures … Read More

On Not Throwing Stones| Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Knowing God’s forgiveness is the first step to deeper relationship. But as Paul says, we are in pursuit of being made more perfect in Christ, which means that there are more steps to follow. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry As we draw … Read More

Ambassadors For Christ | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  God made his work the work of reconciliation, and made it our work, too. Having been forgiven ourselves, we are given the mission of bringing God’s reconciliation to a world very much in need of it.   by Jen Schlameuss-Perry … Read More

Best Backstory Ever | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  We are not always sure how to respond to God’s grace when we experience it. Whether we respond with fear, enthusiasm, or trying hard but getting it wrong, God makes things happen through us.   by Jen Schlameuss-Perry Today’s … Read More

Lead Us Not Into Temptation | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  It’s Lent!  Our time to travel into the desert with Jesus—to be tempted and to triumph.   by Jen Schlameuss-Perry In today’s readings, we hear of God’s care for us and how, when we respond in faith to times … Read More

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