Rejoice! | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Woo hoo! It’s Gaudete Sunday! We’re more than halfway there to Christmas! The word gaudete means “rejoice,” and today’s readings are all about that. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry The reading from the Prophet Zephaniah tells us that God will rejoice … Read More

Being Restored in Christ | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  This Sunday, we are reminded of God’s promise to restore us to right relationship with him and our role in that restoration. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry Today’s first reading from the prophet Baruch offers the image of Israel who had … Read More

Preparing Hearts and Homes | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Happy New Year! Today begins the new liturgical cycle, Cycle C, when we focus mostly on the Gospel of Luke. We also begin the Season of Advent, when we prepare our hearts and our homes for Christmas. by Jen … Read More

Christ Our King | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Jesus is the King that God always intended to be our leader.  In the Incarnation, he restored the relationship that we broke. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry The idea of having a king is sort of foreign to us—we vote for … Read More

He Will Come Again | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Today’s readings have a strong foreshadowing of what we will be celebrating next week, and all throughout Advent—the Coming of Jesus.   by Jen Schlameuss-Perry As Catholic Christians, we believe that Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth to live … Read More

Economy of Love | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  When we give from our hearts, regardless of the amount, we are giving what God truly wants from us.   by Jen Schlameuss-Perry Today’s readings share the theme of freely giving—sometimes with uncertainty of what will happen as a … Read More

Every Great Mother Teaches Her Children the Way Of Gratitude (and the Force)

The guy in the grocery store line wanted to know how moms teach their kids “the way of the Force.” (He saw my Star Wars shirt.) How about starting with gratitude? Here are seven great strategies even Obi Wan would approve of. … Read More

Saints Come Marching In | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Today is the Solemnity of All Saints—the day that we celebrate everyone who is in heaven and what they mean to us.   by Jen Schlameuss-Perry All Saint’s Day is a wonderful celebration for the Church because it reminds us that … Read More

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