Take Away The Stone | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Before we know it, we will be reading the Passion of Jesus, recounting his death and then celebrating his resurrection at Easter. Just as Jesus prepared to enter Jerusalem for the last time, making these events take place, he … Read More

Thirsting for God | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Today’s readings are full of thirsty people. God quenches their thirst in unexpected ways. Sometimes, we distract ourselves from what we’re really thirsty for by focusing on things we want that will never satisfy us. God always gives us what … Read More

Love Your Enemies | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Nobody’s perfect. That’s a truth that the whole world agrees with…except for Jesus. Jesus actually instructed us to be perfect as if he totally expected us to just go ahead and do it. It’s not really a stretch, either, … Read More

Let Your ‘Yes’ Mean ‘Yes’ | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  The Commandments that God gave to humanity were meant for one purpose–to help us have life and have it more abundantly. When we choose to live God’s law, we are choosing a path that is life-giving both here and … Read More

Salt and Light | Breaking Open the Word at Home

   Last week we were offered something of an attitude assessment, or even an attitude adjustment. God has given us everything; as we the readings told us last week, we are truly blessed. God tells us, very clearly, that if we want … Read More

Counting Our Blessings | Breaking Open the Word at Home

  Our culture, and the cultures throughout all of history, place an enormous value on success, productivity, honor and glory. The “American Dream” tells us that anybody, regardless of their circumstances can make something great of themselves with enough hard … Read More

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