Five Ways to Thrive as a Family with Goals and Mission Statements

  Once you’ve developed your family goals and mission statement, what do you do with them? Here are five ways to use your mission statement to help your family thrive. by Heidi Indahl Once you have written goals (see Setting Family Goals) and an … Read More

When God asks us to lead

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  Like the personality test said, I am not a natural leader; I am a follower. But in following Christ, I learned to lead. by Becky Arganbright I am not a leader, I’m a follower by nature. I’m usually the last to … Read More

Life without Facebook

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I gave up Facebook a month ago, expecting a better and easier life. Let me tell you, it became anything but . . . at first. Then God began to show me what I’d been missing.   by Becky Arganbright   … Read More

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