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My Image of Divine Mercy


My willingness to trust God resulted in two beautiful faces that paint my own image of divine mercy.


by Heidi Indahl


How do you see Jesus’ divine mercy in your daily living?

Intentional-FamilyWhen the image of Divine Mercy was revealed to Sister Faustina, another artist was originally commissioned to paint it.  When the painting was finished, however, the artist was unable to make the details the way that Sister Faustina saw them.

In the images we see today printed on holy cards and paintings, are the words, “Jesus I trust in you.”  Those are the words that I (and many others) associate with God’s great mercy. In order to receive God’s mercy, we have to remain open to it.  I remind myself that I have to say, “Jesus, I trust in you” with my own life.

There are two times in my life when it has been the hardest to say yes to God: to allow my own will to be a vessel for His.

In 2007, I suffered a miscarriage following a 30-week stillbirth.  Again in 2014-2015, after three mostly uncomplicated pregnancies, I suffered a miscarriage followed by a full-term infant loss. In both cases I was afraid to open my heart and my womb to the possibility of life again.

Yet in willingness to trust God, however, I have two beautiful faces that paint my own image of divine mercy.

Kylee and Tomas are my story of divine mercy. People have often told me there is just something about Kylee. From her birth, she has moved others almost to tears. Since he joined our family, Kylee and Tomas have shared a bond and I often feel there is something unspoken in the way that she loves on him. Secrets they understand that I cannot.

When I feel afraid for the future, they are my reminders to hold fast to my faith.

Jesus I trust in You. 

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Heidi has a professional background in education, with a Master's Degree in Instructional Design. In her spare time she enjoys taekwondo, gardening, knitting, and the occasional freelance writing or consulting job. She blogs about her Catholic family life at www.workandplaydaybyday.com

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