Happy family portraitGot five minutes to power up your family's faith?



Then make them a little Peanut Butter & Grace.

Begin with The Bread

A weekly printable family faith formation planner

Each issue of The Bread includes:

  • What's coming up on the Church calendar: feast days, special events, observances, and more
  • Simple ideas for how your family can participate
  • Easy ways to pray, celebrate, serve, and talk about God with your kids
  • Monthly discount coupons on Peanut Butter & Grace books*
  • The latest how-to articles and essays from pbgrace.com

* Plus bonus coupons in anticipation of major Church celebrations . . . only for subscribers to The Bread


"I LOVE this resource for helping me include and be aware of simple things I can do with my pre-school kids."

"I am devouring the Bread! Thank you for your help in parenting, living the Church year, and spreading the Gospel!"

Find more ideas for practicing the faith with your kids and connect with other Catholic parents at pbgrace.com and on Facebook.

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Coloring books, story books, prayer books, and practical guides for Catholic parents, all available at Gracewatch Media, Amazon, or wherever Catholic books are sold.

Our Mission

Helping you grow your kids' faith by practicing it with them.

All of our digital and print resources help parents hand on the faith by practicing it with their kids in four core areas:


PRAYING a wide range of Catholic prayer practices, old and new

SERVING and loving others, at home, church, and the wider community

CELEBRATING Church feast days, sacraments, and other special occasions

TALKING about faith with Scripture, the Catechism, current events, and everyday family life


Why these four core areas?

Because decades of social science research shows that kids who practice the faith with their families in these ways are more likely to practice a vibrant, life-giving faith as young adults.