Exaltation of the Cross: Make a Garden Cross with Your Kids

  The Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross commemorates the discovery of the true cross and helps us to recall its true significance. Here are some ideas for marking the feast with your kids, including with a fall-themed garden cross. … Read More

Saints In The House: A Beautiful Way to Make the Saints Part of Your Family

Looking for a beautiful way to integrate the lives of the saints into your family? The Koop family created a beautiful display for their foyer that integrates photos of modern saints with pictures of their family. Here’s how they use this unique … Read More

Feast of St. Nicholas: The Story of the “Original” Santa Claus, and Five Ways to Celebrate

  The feast of St. Nicholas (Dec. 6) is a great time to celebrate the life of the beloved fourth-century bishop. Here’s his fascinating story, and five ways to celebrate with your kids.   Do your kids know that today’s Santa … Read More

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