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Practice saying “thank you”

Photo: lakecountyuu.org/a-thank-you-card/
Photo: lakecountyuu.org/a-thank-you-card/

Don’t you wish you heard the words “thank you” more often in your home—even for the small stuff? They’re just two little words, but they can have a powerful effect on your family’s mood, attitude, and habits of courtesy and respect.

Often, the way to encourage a habit is with a short burst of intentional practice. Here’s one way to encourage the habit of saying thank you:

  • Purchase an inexpensive set of thank you notes (check your local dollar store) and set them out on your family prayer table or on the dinner table.
  • When someone sees a family member doing something that deserves thanks, they can write that person a note and leave it at his or her place at the table (or on his or her bed).
  • When you kick off your “thank you campaign,” do a practice run together so you can model some examples.
  • At the end of the week, collect all of the thank you notes and do a little debriefing. Who did the best job of recognizing thank you moments? What did it feel like to be thanked? How did saying thank you change the mood of the family?
  • Post the notes on a door or another prominent place for another week as a reminder to continue the practice.

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