Do you have five minutes to power up your family's faith life next week?

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Each issue of The Bread comes via e-mail (or catch it on our Facebook page) in web page and printable PDF format, and takes about five minutes to read.

In that five minutes, you'll get:

The coming Sunday's readings

Bite-sized excerpts of the coming Sunday's readings that you can share with your kids in advance, because even a brief preview of the readings will make it easier for your kids to hear God's Word for their lives during Mass.

Plus, you can go deeper with Breaking Open the Word (web only), which provides a brief exegesis of the readings and reflection questions for kids, teens, and adults.

What's going on in the Church

Whether it's a saint's feast day, a call to action, or a major religious holiday, the Church is busy continuing Christ's mission to the world every day of the year. And The Bread gives you a heads up on everything the Church is doing in the coming week so that your family can participate—even if it's as simple as remembering a saint's feast day during a family meal. The Bread also points you to more in-depth online resources with ideas for how to celebrate at home.

Easy ideas and fun games for building kids' faith on the go

Finally, The Bread also offers quick, easy ideas for things to do with your kids during the coming week. Some of the ideas are super-simple (bless one another in the morning), and some are more involved (learning a new prayer or taking action on a justice issue). Just scan the list, pick one or two activities that seem do-able, and you're good to go!

Bonus resources and coloring sheets

But wait, there's more! (Always wanted to say that.) Get bonus coloring sheets from anime artist Carly Lobenhofer for special occasions . . . plus links to all the new articles published on Peanut Butter & Grace in the past week, including popular features by Heidi Indahl, Becky Arganbright, and Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry.

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