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A Little Cake & Two Small Coins • Family Time!

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November 11–17 • 32nd Week in Ordinary Time

St. Josaphat + St. Frances Cabrini + St. Gertrude the Great + St. Albert the Great + St. Margaret of Scotland + St. Elizabeth of Hungary

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A few options for Catholic moms and dads to try with kids next week.

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  1. Raise your kids to be saints. The hope of heaven is the only thing you can give your children that the world can’t take away. Dr. John Wood argues for why raising saints ought to be every parent’s primary mission…and six tips for getting started.
  2. Adopt a child. November is National Adoption Month. Are you called to adoption? Maybe Lynda Marie’s own story of heartache, puppy love, and adoption will help your discernment
  3. Give God all that you have. In the readings for Sunday, Nov. 11, God tells us that when we give from our poverty, we will never be empty. Preview the Sunday readings with your kids and Breaking Open the Word at Home with JenniferSchlameuss-Perry.
  4. Include the U.S. Catholic bishops in your prayers. The U.S. Catholic bishops will hold their fall meeting Monday through Wednesday (Nov. 12-14), with the clerical abuse crisis at the top of their agenda. The meeting will begin with a day of prayer and discernment. Public portions of the meeting will be live-streamed at the USCCB website.
  5. Meet Elizabeth of Hungary. She’s one of a trio of awesome women saints whose feast days are celebrated at the end of the week; you can read a short story about her adventures, watch a 3-minute video biography, and download a free coloring page at Meet Elizabeth of Hungary! • Saints for Kids.
  6. Pray for veterans. This Veterans’ Day, remember to pray for veterans, and for an end to war; you’ll find suggested prayers at the USCCB website.
  7. Celebrate St. Martin of Tours. Speaking of veterans, Sunday would be the feast day of St, Martin of Tours. Christine Henderson has a story to tell about him: Are you brave enough to go into battle without a sword? St. Martin was! check out Saint Martin of Tours • Playing with the SAINTS!
  8. Start thinking about how to celebrate Advent. You know Advent is only a few weeks away (Dec. 3) when the USCCB posts its online Advent resources. We’ll be posting our own Advent resources beginning next week.
  9. Teach your kids how to read, understand, and pray the Bible . . . because this coming week is National Bible Week. Get these Bible-related resources:



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The Children’s Little Advent Book is designed to be used with younger kids…each day’s entry contains a short reading, reflection, and prayer, plus a coloring page. Download it as a PDF or order the book in time for Advent!


We’re happy to be partnering with Jessica Connelly to sell her gorgeous, oversized 2018-2019 liturgical calendars, designed especially with families in mind. This year’s calendars focus on the virtues. Check out more preview images at the Gracewatch store.


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