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3 Pro-Life Activities for the Whole Family

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Teaching your kids how to live out the gospel of life doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these creative ideas to get your family involved in pro-life activities.


By Laura Kizior and Mary Kizior


With the hustle and bustle of everyday family life, it can be hard to find time to share the gospel of life with others. Here are three easy ways to start living the culture of life in your home with little to no extra effort.


Pray together

Oct. 7 is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary and the memorial of the victory at Lepanto where the Christians prevailed over the Turks through the intercession of Our Lady and the power of the rosary. The Battle of Lepanto reminds us that the rosary is an incredible weapon to defeat the culture of death.

Praying together as a family builds unity. Use family prayer time to encourage your kids to pray for the most vulnerable members of our society—preborn babies, pregnant moms, senior citizens, and people with disabilities. Pray for people who are lonely or who have no one to pray for them. Remind older children that the rosary is a powerful weapon against abortion and other evils in the world.

Do your kids have a hard time meditating on each mystery? Use The Illuminated Rosary series during the family rosary to help your kids stay focused. Spend time discussing the mysteries of the rosary and the pro-life themes in each. The joyful mysteries remind us of the gift of our Savior even before his birth and how we need to treasure preborn babies and their moms. The luminous mysteries, or mysteries of light, remind us of our important duty as evangelizers of the gospel of life and the sorrowful mysteries show us how to follow Christ’s example when times are hard.

Find more ideas for celebrating the gospel of life in your family prayer time here.


Bring joy to others

The gospel of life encourages us to reach out to other people in our society who are hurt, alone or vulnerable. One way to bring joy to others who need it is by visiting a nursing home or senior living facility as a family and interacting with the residents. While bringing cards and flowers for the residents is great, go a step further by thinking of activities that your kids can do with the residents. Your kids could play simple board games, put together a puzzle, complete an easy craft project, or sing childhood songs. Doing simple activities with the residents will give your tongue-tied or shy children something to talk about with their elders.

Give your kids a few tips before you arrive—make sure they know to speak clearly and loudly to the residents, but also give them ideas of what to talk about if they get nervous, such as asking the residents about their favorite things, what they did when they were young, etc. Remind your kids to smile and have fun! Their visit will bring joy to senior citizens who are lonely or depressed.


Have fun

Kids need to know what living out the culture of life looks like. They need to understand that they have the ability to live out the gospel of life in their own lives. One fun way to learn about the gospel of life is during family movie night. Start by watching one of these pro-life films and make sure to follow up with a short discussion of the film and the pro-life themes in it. You’ll be surprised at the conversations that you’ll be able to have about your kids. Point out where the characters succeed at living virtuous lives, and encourage your kids to identify where the characters went wrong and how they hurt other characters in the film by their selfish choices.

Your kids will be learning how to follow the example of others, but more importantly, your kids will be learning how to discern right from wrong in the media that they consume. Not sure about what to talk about? Find a collection of free pro-life book and movie discussion guides from the Culture of Life Studies Program.

Need more ideas? Check out our Respect Life Month Toolbox.

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