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5 Must-Have Pro-Life Resources for Young Children during Pro-Life Month

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It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about the beauty and dignity of every human being’s life. Here are some essential resources to use during pro-life month with your young children.


By Laura Kizior and Mary Kizior


On Jan. 22, we will observe the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion in the United States. For the pro-life movement, this anniversary reminds us that we still have a lot of work to do to change hearts and minds about the dignity of preborn children. Whether or not your family is heading to a March for Life this January, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a reminder that we need to build a culture of life everywhere — starting with our own families.

Here are five resources you can use with your children to teach them that every human being has value:


1. Baby Steps

There is no better way to show your children the incredible beauty of preborn children than showing them ultrasound images of a developing baby. In “Baby Steps,” children get a front-row seat to the miracle of a human being’s development, starting from week eight until birth. Stream this short video for free online at babystepsdvd.com or buy a hard copy from the Culture of Life Studies Program store.


2. Life Is Precious

Do your kids like picture books and crafts? The four-week unit study “Life Is Precious” uses picture books and fun crafts and activities to teach the pro-life message to students in kindergarten through second grade. The first lesson uses Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman to teach children about a preborn baby’s journey in the womb. Other lessons in “Life Is Precious” teach kids why they are special, how to stand up for others, and how it only takes one person to make a difference. “Life Is Precious” comes with the “Baby Steps” DVD as well as a 12-week fetal model. Get your copy from the Gracewatch Media store.


3. Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book

If you want to instill the pro-life message in your children from a young age, the best approach is to make pro-life learning fun and part of everyday life. The Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book does just that. Through fun puzzles, coloring pages of preborn babies, pro-life saints, and families, children learn about the dignity of every human being. Find free sample pages on the Culture of Life Studies website or purchase copies from the Gracewatch Media store.


4. Pro-Life Prints

Do your kids love paint and handprint activities? Pro-Life Prints is the perfect lesson for young students. It’s a fun and interactive way to strengthen the pro-life values you are already teaching at home. When you’re done with this project, your children will have a cool keepsake full of their handprints. This project will reinforce the pro-life foundation that you set every day. This lesson packet can be purchased from the Culture of Life Studies Program store as either a digital download or in a printed format.


5. Spiritual Adoption

January is also a great time to start a spiritual adoption program with your children to help them understand the beauty of a developing human being and help them understand the solidarity we need to have with our preborn brothers and sisters.

Holy Heroes has a free nine-month spiritual adoption prayer program which sends biweekly emails that give updates on the development of the preborn baby your family has adopted.

You can also use the free lesson “Ladybug Warriors” from the Culture of Life Studies Program to jumpstart your discussion of spiritual adoption and praying for preborn babies and their moms. This lesson includes the story of how Our Lady intercedes for us as well as a cute ladybug craft to reinforce what the children learn in the lesson. This lesson packet and craft template can be downloaded for free from the Culture of Life Studies Program store.

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