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7 Pro-life Summer Activities for Your Kids


School might be almost over, but there are still many ways to learn about the gospel of life during the vacation months. Use these fun activities to get your family active in the pro-life movement with ease.


by Laura Kizior and Mary Kizior

Vacation season can be hectic. But you can still make the most of your kids’ free time by encouraging them to live a Christian life in school and at play. Make each moment this summer a teachable moment with these seven pro-life summer activities.


Wear your pro-life t-shirt

The easiest way to spread the pro-life message is to wear a t-shirt with an inspiring pro-life message. Whether you’re shopping for groceries or visiting a national park, a pro-life t-shirt is a great way to spark conversations about the sacredness of every human being’s life.

Ask your kids why it is important to spread the truth about the value of every human being. Use these facts about abortion to help your older children and teens answer tough questions about abortion.

Don’t own a pro-life tee? Make your own or find cool t-shirts for purchase here, here, or here.


Have fun with sidewalk chalk

Drawing on the sidewalk is an activity that can get the whole family involved. Write positive messages around your neighborhood such as “Choose Life,” or draw hearts with facts about abortion, such as “Abortion stops a beating heart” and “3,000 babies die every day from abortion.” Make sure to chalk in public places (not on private property) so that your messages will be seen and appreciated.

Ask your kids why it is important to let other people know what we believe about the dignity of others.

Uninspired? Check out this website for message ideas and tips on pro-life chalking.


Help a neighbor

One way to build a culture of life is to reach out to the people in your own community. Start with your elderly neighbors. Volunteer to cut grass, fetch groceries, or walk their dog. Offer to babysit for a single or stressed mom. Taking action isn’t the only way you can help your community. Sometimes the best way to help an elderly neighbor is to visit with them and let them know that they are not alone.

Ask your kids why it’s important to show love to others and challenge them to list ways that we can spread the love of Jesus to the people around us.


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Pray outside an abortion clinic

Take advantage of the warm weather to pray outside a local abortion facility. Pray for the babies, moms, dads, grandparents, and workers. Abortion hurts so many people, but your prayerful presence outside the clinic is a healing act of love for the babies and their parents. Without your presence, women would not know that they have another option and the babies would die without anyone recognizing their dignity and worth.

Ask your kids why it’s important to pray for others, especially for the conversion of sinners. Remind your kids that you’re standing outside in the hot sun and making a small sacrifice for the precious preborn babies and their families.

As a parent, it’s up to you to decide when to have a conversation about abortion with your young children. Here’s a guide to get you started.


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Organize a car wash for life

Summer is a great time to fundraise for pregnancy resource centers. Car washes make a great youth group activity. Find a store or a church with a decent sized parking lot near a main road and ask the owners if you can set up on their property and use the water. Once you have a location, gather your volunteers and supplies like towels, hoses, sponges, squeegees, etc. Make signs to let drivers know to stop and support your cause. Ask for donations instead of a set amount for each wash.

Remind your kids that pregnancy resource centers do a lot more for moms than convince them to choose life. In many cases, a center will help the moms get to doctor appointments, find housing, apply for jobs, and so much more. If possible, take a tour of a local center with your family. Be sure to thank the volunteers and staff for all they do for moms and babies.

Need more tips about how to run a car wash? Check out this article to help get you started.


Organize a pro-life day camp

In a family, the learning never stops, not even during summer break! Invite neighbors and friends to join you for a one-day pro-life summer camp. Based on the age of your kids, you could learn the facts of a preborn baby’s development with a timeline of fetal development, make a pro-life handprint book or learn about pro-life rockstar saints like Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Saint Damien of Molokai, the Blessed Mother, and others.

Use what your kids learned at “camp” to spark conversations later about pro-life role models or how to treat others with dignity and respect.

Need materials for a lesson? Check out the Culture of Life Studies Program.


Host a pro-life movie night

There is no time like summertime to kick back with the fam for a movie night. Instead of just popping in the first DVD that everyone agrees on, choose a film you can discuss afterwards. Point out themes and characters who live a good Christian life or treat others with dignity and respect. Structured media time helps you teach your kids discernment in what they read or watch and how that affects their inner moral fiber.

Ask your kids specific questions about the movie’s plot and characters. How do or don’t the characters treat each other with dignity? What does the movie show us about the value of human beings?

Want free pro-life movie discussion guides to help your kids get talking? Find guides for all ages here.

No matter how busy your summer gets, there are plenty of pro-life activities that your family can use to build a culture of life. Remember that pro-life education is a small, but daily process. The most important thing you can do to incorporate pro-life education in your home is make sure that the culture of life becomes an aspect of everything you do as a family—from prayer time to movie nights and everything in between.

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