Our mission

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Peanut Butter & Grace helps Catholic parents raise their kids in the faith.

The mission of Peanut Butter & Grace is to help Catholic parents raise children to be saints—that is, people who love Christ and his Church and take action to continue Christ’s mission in the world today.

We do this by providing digital and print resources that assist parents in forming their children in the faith within the daily life of their family. All of our products are made for Catholic parents—either to use themselves (think of 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids), or to hand to their kids (think of the Illuminated Rosary prayer books).

Our audience

Our primary audience is “middle pew Catholics”—parents who attend Mass regularly and want to do more to integrate the faith into their family life, but don’t know where to begin. They might even say, “I can’t teach my children about the faith because I don’t know how.” These parents are probably both working to support their family, living the crazy-busy lifestyle of the typical working- and middle-class American family.

What we do

We want to do two things for these parents. First, we want to show them how to teach their kids the faith in the midst of everyday family life; and second, we want to provide them with easy-to-use, on-the-go resources that make it easy to do that. Our brand name, Peanut Butter & Grace, reflects that spirit, because we want to make family faith formation as simple as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

How we do it

4 basicsOur method is called practical family catechesis. It is a method of catechesis that emphasizes the practice of the faith together with kids, so that they can have a direct, first-hand experience of what lived faith looks like. Over the past twenty-five years, a wealth of research has affirmed that kids whose families practice their faith together—talking about it, praying together, celebrating its rituals and traditions, and serving together—are much more likely to have a lively, vibrant faith life as adults.

How we are Catholic

The Catholic faith is central to our mission and identity. Among other things, this means we want to present the faith as clearly and accurately as possible, using the Scriptures, the lives of the holy saints and mystics, and the official teaching of the Church’s magisterium as our guides. It also means that we have an active relationship with the Diocese of Winona, which has judicial oversight of our work. (Just to be clear, we are organizationally independent of the diocese.) Our social justice content follows the lead of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Who we are

Peanut Butter & Grace is a brand name of Gracewatch Media, which is a publishing effort of Jerry Windley-Daoust and a cast of thousands . . . or half a dozen, anyway:

Jerry Windley-Daoust (more on LinkedIn)
Publisher and chief instigator

Stephen Nagel
Co-founder, art director, and creator of books

Regina Lordan
Digital editor

Jill Miller
Event and conference sales

Joshua Miller

Sara Dethloff
Chief number cruncher

Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry
Contributing editor

Heidi Indahl

Ryan Langr

Adrienne Thorne

Theresa Wilson

James Otremba

Dr. Gregory Popcak

Mark Daoust

Susan Windley-Daoust
Theological consultant and general cheerleader

. . . and many, many others, including our faithful crew at the PB&Grace: The Kitchen Facebook group.

We’re a small publisher, working with Ingram Content Group to print and distribute our books on demand. Print on demand and e-book technology has revolutionized the publishing industry, and makes it possible for us to publish books passed over by the major publishing houses.

Finally, at our core, we’re a family-run organization. Thanks for being “friends of the family” through your support for what we do.