Kids, Confession, and Coming Out of Hiding

  My kids don’t like going to confession. That’s okay…I understand their desire to hide from God. But together we’re learning about the wonderful things when we step out from behind the proverbial “bush” into God’s merciful light.   by … Read More

“Why Doesn’t God Ever Answer My Prayer?” Or: The Curious Case of the Missing Shoes

“Mom, I don’t pray anymore, because God never answers my prayers.” How does a parent respond to such honesty from their kids? In our case, God provided a little lesson in the form of a pair of lost shoes. by Becky … Read More

St.Martin of Tours: The Soldier Who Gave Half His Cloak to Jesus

  St. Martin of Tours was born in the Roman Empire in about the year 316, just after Christianity had been legalized, but before it was widely practiced. His parents were not Christian, but worshiped the Roman gods instead. Martin began attending … Read More

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