Make A Timeline of Marian Apparitions

Make a timeline of Mary’s apparitions and teach your family about Marian theology, geography, and history. by Heidi Indahl If you have been following my column for long, you probably know that I have a thing about timelines. They are … Read More

3 Simple Ways to Ease the Burden of Pregnancy & Infant Loss

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When a friend or loved one loses a baby during pregnancy or at birth, it may seem there’s not much we can say or do. But here are three simple ways to ease their burden, offered by someone who’s been there. … Read More

Make Your Own Circle of the Church Year

    Try this hands-on “circle of the Church year” to help your children learn about the liturgical cycle.   by Heidi Indahl   Just as a new calendar cycle begins every January, so too our Church calendar begins a … Read More

Make a Stations of the Cross Story Timeline with Your Kids

  You can prepare younger children for Holy Week and for praying the Stations of the Cross by making the stations into a story timeline. Here’s how, with links to resources.   by Heidi Indahl   The Stations of the Cross … Read More

12 Tips for Training Your Kids to Do Chores

  Expecting your kids to do chores teaches them important life skills, and helps keep the house clean, too. But first, you have to train them—and yourself. Here are 12 tips.   by Heidi Indahl Note: An earlier version of this post originally … Read More

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