Observe Advent and celebrate Christmas

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You would think that stores and merchandisers would consult the Church’s liturgical calendar about when to celebrate Christmas, but apparently they don’t, because most start displaying Christmas decorations sometime in mid-autumn and begin taking them down December 26. By January … Read More

Memorize the Creed—and name what you believe

You know the Nicene Creed, right? That’s the prayer that Catholics recite at Mass every Sunday. Its official name is the Nicene-Constantinople Creed, for the two major church councils that put it together. You know: “I believe in one God, … Read More

How to Say the Rosary

You don’t need an actual string of rosary beads to pray the rosary, but it is traditional; the beads add a tactile dimension to the prayer that reflects the sacramental, incarnational sensibility of Catholic faith. The prayers listed in bold … Read More

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