The Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal: What Parents Can Do, and How to Talk with Kids

The latest flare-up of the clerical sex abuse scandal has left many Catholic parents wondering what they can do—and how to talk to kids. Here are some practical suggestions for taking action, and links to helpful resources. by Jerry Windley-Daoust … Read More

A Good Death: A Catholic Response to the Rise of Physician-Assisted Suicide

  Physician-assisted suicide is legal in seven U.S. states and all of Canada, with proponents actively pushing legislation in numerous other states. What can Catholic families do? Reclaiming the practice of dying well is a good start.   Physician-assisted suicide … Read More

How Do I Talk to My Kids About the Church and Politics? • Brick by Brick by Father Brooke

“How do I talk to my kids about the Church and politics?” Father Brooke offers parents ways to address the sticky subject, focusing on the big picture. He also gives families a “brick,” activities to help build an understanding of … Read More

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