What’s the Message? A Media Awareness Checklist for Catholic Families

  “You become what you watch and read.” Here’s a handy checklist for evaluating your kids’ media consumption in light of their Catholic faith.   by Jerry Windley-Daoust “You are what you eat,” nutritionists like to say. If that’s true, it’s even … Read More

4 Ways Your Kids Can Do Random Acts of Electronic Kindness

Technology isn’t always the bad guy we make it out to be. In fact, sometimes it can be a tool for doing good. Here are four ways your kids can do random acts of kindness around technology. by Heidi Indahl Technology … Read More

Six Ways to Put a Catholic Spin on Earth Day

The Church preached respect and care for the natural world long before it was cool. This Earth Day, share some of that tradition with your kids. Saints who love and care for animals, ancient hymns of praise for God’s creation, an … Read More

Do Something Loving for Valentine’s Day

  Help your older kids and teens plug into a community of service this Valentine’s Day.   by Heidi Indahl Are you familiar with DoSomething.org?  Do Something is a social justice site for young people by young people. It is basically … Read More

The Giving Jar: A Simple Way to Encourage Kids to Give Generously

  A Giving Jar is a very simple way to motivate younger kids to practice “giving” during Lent (or any time of year): Find a jar or a coffee cup or a decorative bowl (you get the idea) and place … Read More

For My Birthday, Let Me Do Something For You

  Here are four ways to give your child the gift of a generous heart on his or her birthday.   by Heidi Indahl It isn’t actually my birthday, but we did have a birthday in our family this week … Read More

What Our Family Did to Fight Poverty This Week

  Our family’s participation in Catholic Charities’ #End45 campaign started with a trip to our local food bank and community center. Here’s what we learned.   by Heidi Indahl This past September, Catholic Charities USA began a social media campaign … Read More

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