Every Great Mother Teaches Her Children the Way Of Gratitude (and the Force)

The guy in the grocery store line wanted to know how moms teach their kids “the way of the Force.” (He saw my Star Wars shirt.) How about starting with gratitude? Here are seven great strategies even Obi Wan would approve of. … Read More

Making a Family “Rule” of Life: A Time for Work and a Time for Play

    Religious communities use a Rule to help them live in a way that reflects their priorities, and so can your family.   by Heidi Indahl One of the primary uses of a family mission statement is in making decisions about daily … Read More

Five Ways to Thrive as a Family with Goals and Mission Statements

  Once you’ve developed your family goals and mission statement, what do you do with them? Here are five ways to use your mission statement to help your family thrive. by Heidi Indahl Once you have written goals (see Setting Family Goals) and an … Read More

What’s Your Family “Brand”? Writing a Family Mission Statement

What does your family stand for? If your family were a brand, what would its slogan be? Writing a family mission statement can help you stay on track to meet your goals. by Heidi Indahl Most businesses have a mission … Read More

Set SMART Goals for Your Family

  What do you wish for your children this year? What about for your family? Here’s how to take those wishes and turn them into SMART goals.   by Heidi Indahl Towards the beginning of each school year, my husband and I … Read More

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