Saint Edmund Campion • Playing with the SAINTS!

How much is your Catholic faith worth to you? If you were offered a million dollars in return for giving up your Catholic faith, would you?   by Christine Henderson   How much is your Catholic faith worth to you? … Read More

Saint Cecilia • Playing with the SAINTS!

  “You’ll see my guardian angel if you convert to Christianity.”   by Christine Henderson   St. Cecilia was born during the second century to a very rich family. When she was young, she married a man named Valerian. Husbands … Read More

“Protect Me from Evil and Give Me Some Bread!”: Normalizing Faith in Your Kids

“Normalization” is the process by which kids come to own what they learn, and it’s our goal when passing on the faith to our kids. Sound complicated? It’s simpler than you might think.   by Heidi Indahl   My five-year-old … Read More

Saint Martin of Tours • Playing with the SAINTS!

  How brave are you? Would you be willing to go into battle without a weapon?   by Christine Henderson   Imagine you are a king or queen. How do you expect to be treated? Grandly, right? Now imagine you … Read More

Saint Hilarion • Playing with the SAINTS!

  “If I don’t speak your language, you can’t talk to me and you will leave me alone, right?” Poor St. Hilarion, he just wanted to be left alone …   by Christine Henderson   Ever hear about kids being … Read More

6 Ways to Share the Journey of Migrants & Refugees with your Family

  In collaboration with Respect Life Month and in coordination with Pope Francis’ global kick off of the Share the Journey campaign, here are six ways families can support migrants and refugees during the Week of Prayer and Action.   … Read More

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