Saint Blaise • Playing with the SAINTS!

Can you imagine praying with bears, lions and wolves around you?  St. Blaise did! by Christine Henderson   St. Blaise is another saint who lived a LONG time ago–during the 4th century, when being a Christian was a crime. St. … Read More

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton • Playing with the SAINTS!

  Sometimes we think we have everything planned out and then God changes things!   by Christine Henderson   Can you guess which saint was the first to be born in America? Not many can. If you had told this … Read More

St. Peter Canisius • Playing with the SAINTS!

  The year was 1564, and someone was needed for an important but dangerous mission. Who was brave enough to do it? St. Peter Canisius!   by Christine Henderson   The year was 1564 and an important mission had to … Read More

Saint Edmund Campion • Playing with the SAINTS!

How much is your Catholic faith worth to you? If you were offered a million dollars in return for giving up your Catholic faith, would you?   by Christine Henderson   How much is your Catholic faith worth to you? … Read More

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