Saint Cecilia • Playing with the SAINTS!

  “You’ll see my guardian angel if you convert to Christianity.”   by Christine Henderson   St. Cecilia was born during the second century to a very rich family. When she was young, she married a man named Valerian. Husbands … Read More

Saint Martin of Tours • Playing with the SAINTS!

  How brave are you? Would you be willing to go into battle without a weapon?   by Christine Henderson   Imagine you are a king or queen. How do you expect to be treated? Grandly, right? Now imagine you … Read More

Saint Hilarion • Playing with the SAINTS!

  “If I don’t speak your language, you can’t talk to me and you will leave me alone, right?” Poor St. Hilarion, he just wanted to be left alone …   by Christine Henderson   Ever hear about kids being … Read More

St. Francis of Assisi • Playing with the SAINTS!

  Have you ever wished you could talk to animals? What would you say to them if you could?   by Christine Henderson   Have you ever wished you could talk to the animals? It is believed that St. Francis … Read More

Saint Joseph of Cupertino • Playing with the SAINTS!

  Joseph wasn’t the brightest kid in his neighborhood, and he wasn’t the most pleasant, either. It seemed he could do nothing right, and that no one wanted him around. But then the Holy Spirit began working on him….   … Read More

Saint Regina • Playing with the SAINTS!

  “Give up your faith, or we will no longer let you live here, give you clothes or money!” What would you do if someone said that to you? Here’s a story about a saint who remained Christian even though … Read More

Saint Margaret Ward • Playing with the SAINTS!

What would you do if a prisoner asked you to help him escape? What if the prisoner was a Catholic priest? St. Margaret Ward helped a Catholic priest escape prison. Here’s her story!   by Christine Henderson   The story … Read More

Saint Lawrence • Playing with the SAINTS!

    Stir, mix, mix. Roll out the cookies. Pop them in the oven. Set the timer. The yummy smell of cookies drifts throughout your house bringing in your brothers and sisters. Your chocolate chip cookies are perfect! What saint … Read More

Saint Margaret of Antioch • Playing with the SAINTS!

    Here’s the story of St. Margaret of Antioch, a young woman who stayed true to her Christian faith despite many trials and dangers—including a fierce dragon! Read on to find out how she escaped.   by Christine Henderson … Read More

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