Saint Anthony of Padua • Playing with the SAINTS!

  “Mom! Where’s my _______?” Sound familiar? Instead of calling on Mom, try Saint Anthony!   by Christine Henderson “Doggone it! Where is it? I know I put it somewhere!”  Sound familiar? When something is lost, St. Anthony is a … Read More

Saint Pachomius • Playing with the SAINTS!

  Does the way you act really make a difference? The story of St. Pachomius shows that little acts of kindness can have huge consequences!   by Christine Henderson Does the way you act really make a difference? You bet! … Read More

Saint Isidore of Seville • Playing with the SAINTS!

  How would you like to have your older brother for a teacher, like St. Isidore did? Unfortunately, his older brother wasn’t a very kind teacher, so Isidore ran away. Read what happened next!   by Christine Henderson   Have … Read More

Saint Wulfran • Playing with the SAINTS!

  The altar server is holding the paten and it drops! What will the priest do? Can Mass continue? What does Saint Wulfran do to show how God can overcome all problems?   by Christine Henderson   Imagine you are … Read More

Saint Frances of Rome • Playing with the SAINTS!

  Have you ever been asked to do something you didn’t want to do? That’s what happened to St. Frances of Rome. She wanted to be a nun, but her father wanted her to get married. Could she find a way … Read More

Saint Christopher • Playing with the SAINTS!

  A giant for a saint? by Christine Henderson Have you ever been told a story about someone you know that seemed impossible, but actually happened? When I tell people that my great-great-uncle was able to do pull ups with … Read More

Saint Josephine Bakhita • Playing with the SAINTS!

Kidnapped from her loving family at age seven and sold into slavery! by Christine Henderson   You love your parents and siblings and expect to grow up in your loving family. This is the way it should be. But for … Read More

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