Our Summer of Mentoring

    This summer, I’ve seen a new side of my kids’ relationships as the way they mentor one another has come to the fore.   by Heidi Indahl Sometimes my six kids play well together, sometimes they fight, and other … Read More

3 Questions to Help Kids Judge Their Favorite Media in the Light of Their Faith

  As kids grow older, it’s important to teach them the skills they need to evaluate their books, videos, and music for messages that might poison their minds and spirits. Here are three questions to guide them.   by Heidi Indahl … Read More

‘I’m Calling Jesus!’: Turning to Aspirations When Life Gets Crazy

I knew our day was off to a rough start when my three-year-old burst into tears and started chanting, “I’m calling Jesus!” But maybe “calling Jesus” is just the thing parents need to do when things get crazy. by Heidi Indahl My … Read More

4 Ways Your Kids Can Do Random Acts of Electronic Kindness

Technology isn’t always the bad guy we make it out to be. In fact, sometimes it can be a tool for doing good. Here are four ways your kids can do random acts of kindness around technology. by Heidi Indahl Technology … Read More

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