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Celebrate Mary’s month



For centuries, has traditionally been celebrated as Mary’s month; and in the northern hemisphere, with the blossoming of spring flowers, that means ceremonies or perhaps freshening up your home prayer table with fresh-cut flowers and a statue of Mary.

Another way to celebrate May as Mary’s month is to recite the rosary as a family every day for the month; of course, Peanut Butter & Grace offers the Illuminated Rosary to make doing the family rosary easy. If you want to make a smaller commitment, try praying one decade of the rosary—the Coronation of Mary.


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How do you celebrate a May crowning? Check out these resources:

May, Mary’s Month
You will find everything you need for a Marian coronation ceremony on this page, including instructions for making a crown and full instructions for a home or parish coronation ceremony. Plus, learn all about the origins of May as Mary’s month. The page is maintained by the Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute of Dayton, Ohio.

A Marian Titles May Crowning Luncheon
After your May crowning ceremony, celebrate with a few sweet treats!


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