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Celebrate the Birthday of Your Family


Next time you celebrate your wedding anniversary, don’t just get a babysitter and go out for dinner…get the kids involved by celebrating the “birthday” of your family.


by Jerry Windley-Daoust


Here is a super-simple idea for strengthening family bonds: Instead of just hiring a babysitter and going out for the night to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you can also get your young children and older kids involved by also celebrating the “birthday” of your family. You can do all the things kids love to do for other birthdays—plus:

  • watch your wedding video
  • go through your wedding album
  • share stories from your wedding day and/or honeymoon
  • share a special meal or treat

At our house, we drive the significance of the day home with a birthday cake…baked by one of our kids, of course.

You can turn this into an opportunity to talk about marriage and the Church’s social teaching by hitting on these points from The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church:

  • “The obligations of [the family’s] members, in fact, are not limited by the terms of a contract but derive from the very essence of the family, founded on the irrevocable marriage covenant….” (#212)
  • “The family has its foundation in the free choice of the spouses to unite themselves in marriage, in respect for the meaning and values of this institution that does not depend on man but on God himself:” (#215)
  • “Christian families have then, in virtue of the sacrament received, a particular mission that makes them witnesses and proclaimers of the Gospel of life.” (#231)
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