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Christian Movies to Help Your Family Weather the Cold

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When the warm hues of fallen leaves become blanketed with snow, braving the days stuck inside can provide the perfect opportunity to bond as a family. Here are Christian movies to help make your family snow day filled with fun and faith.

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Pile your coziest blankets on the couch and transform your living room into an exclusive theater. There are tons of Christian movies from which to choose. Here are just a few.

Movies to Warm You Up

“The Book of Esther”

For those who love a time-period piece and a strong female heroine, this biblical drama is based on the third book in the Old Testament. Esther takes the throne as queen to the king of Persia in order to save her fellow Jewish people from a horrible fate.

“Heaven’s Door”

A faith-filled movie about Riley Taylor, a young girl who finds a portal into heaven, granting her unique healing powers. As Riley uses her new-found powers to rid those in her community of sickness, she soon develops the same illnesses she’s healed.

“No Greater Love”

A romantic drama about a single father crossing paths with his estranged wife of nearly 10 years. After leaving his wife and their son nearly a decade prior, a father and his family grapples with forgiveness and faith.

“The Perfect Chord”

An uplifting story about overcoming fears in order to use the talents and gifts God has blessed us with in order to inspire others. This story follows three friends and their journey to finally letting their musical talents be heard.

“Faith in Our Fathers”

During the Vietnam War, two young fathers are deployed. Decades later on a trip to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, their sons cross paths. A story reminding us that God has a greater plan in which people come into our lives for special reasons.

“What If …”

A high-strung big shot business executive receives a visit from an angel. He explores what his life would have been like if he had walked the path of his true calling, becoming a devoted preacher and family man.

“Angel in the House”

A miracle tale of a couple, emotionally worn from trying and failing to add a child to their loving family, are blown away when a young boy appears on their doorstep. As his stay grows longer, things begin to change.

Advent and Christmas Movies


“Christmas Oranges”

A heartwarming tale of persistence through faith. A young girl is sent to a harsh and dreary orphanage where she finds the spirit of the season within a favorite holiday treat. As her faith grows stronger, she finds miracles are in the works.


“Coffee Shop”

A holiday love story of a woman struggling to keep her dream coffee shop open while simultaneously grappling with a nuisance of a visiting out-of-towner who questions the ways she approaches both business and life. As a curious bond between the two grows stronger, she begins to fight for her cafe.

“12 Dogs of Christmas”

For those looking to jumpstart their holiday cheer. Set during the Great Depression, Emma lives in a town run by a stuffy mayor who has passed a law to ban all dogs. Recognizing the joy these furry friends bring, she teams up with a local dog sanctuary to overturn this law.

Lights, Camera … 

Before beginning your exclusive showing, silence all technology for the night so you can truly be present for your family. The minutes you spend with one another are precious and you’ll find they move much too quickly. Show them that you enjoy spending quality time together and that it is a priority. Pop some popcorn, cook up some rich, creamy stovetop hot chocolate and cozy up on the couch with the ones you love. Take your time and watch a movie or two. The shoveling can wait. The snow will still be there tomorrow.

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