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Eating God + Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary | The Bread for August 16-22

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A saintly 22-year-old bishop, ways to celebrate the feast of the Queenship of Mary, plus learning how to choose joy in the face of cancer and death: the story of Sarah Joy Landis. Also: This Sunday’s Scripture readings, in which we continue to hear the Bread of Life discourse from the Gospel of John; a reflection question for the week; saints and celebrations for the week; the PB&J Game; and artwork for praying the Hail, Holy Queen.

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The PDF is printable and interactive; hyperlinked text is indicated with a degree symbol (°).

Quick links:

The Sunday Website
All sorts of resources for digging into this Sunday’s readings, from St. Louis University.

Choosing Joy
What was it about Sarah’s spirit that inspired me so much? It was only as I mourned her death that I fully realized the secret to her strength. By Becky Arganbright

Celebrating Reconciliation with Kids: 9 Ways to Get Into the Habit

Celebratring the Queenship of Mary with Your Kids



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