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Encourage Kids to Pray with Prayer Prompts



You can encourage family members (and yourself) to pray throughout the day—and in many different ways—by placing prayer prompts throughout your home.


This article is adapted from the book 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids

One way to remind family members to pray is to post prayers, Scripture verses, and pious invocations (prayers as short as a phrase or sentence) in key places around your home. You can make your prayer prompts as simple as a handwritten Post-It note or as fancy as a professionally designed refrigerator magnet or plaque. For ideas, see Bite-sized Biblical Prayer and Invocations.

Prayer prompts can also help when your family is trying to learn a new prayer by heart. Print our several copies of the prayer and place them in spots where people might have the opportunity to read them.

Here are some possible locations to post your prayer prompts:

  • on the refrigerator door;
  • on door frames leading out of bedrooms or out of the house;
  • by the bathroom mirror (or on the bathroom mirror, using dry erase marker or soap);
  • on the bathroom wall near the toilet;
  • on a card dropped in a backpack or lunchbox;
  • on the dashboard of your car;
  • on the back of cereal boxes;
  • on bedframes;
  • at the table, using Prayer Placemats or Table Triangles.
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