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“God loves you!” It’s a staple of Sunday schools everywhere, but it’s a message your kids need to keep hearing throughout their lives. These coloring sheet hearts with messages about God’s love can help.


“God loves you!” It’s a staple of Sunday schools everywhere. And yet, as basic as that message is, it’s one that our kids need to hear throughout their lives . . . leading them to open their hearts to that love ever wider.

Here’s a simple activity to help remind your kids of that message:

  • Print or cut out a bunch of hearts, and decorate them if you like.
  • Write messages about God’s love on the hearts.
  • Leave the hearts in “secret” hiding places for your kids to find all over the house. Alternatively, make it a scavenger hunt.

You can do this activity on Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or any day that you think they need a little extra reminder of God’s love.

To help you out, here are some pre-made “God loves you” hearts that you can print out on colored paper, or print out on white paper for your kids to color.

You can print a PDF of these hearts here:

God Loves You Hearts PDF download

Click the images below to preview the messages.


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