If you’ve found this page, you probably read about our initiative to develop a series of short, easy-entry, attractive booklets to help parents think about how they practice the faith with their kids. We’re currently in the brainstorming and researching phase of this initiative, and if you’re a parish or diocesan worker, we’d love your input and guidance.


About the project

Are you interested in a simple way of helping parents become more engaged in the faith formation of their children? Gracewatch Media is brainstorming a project to do just that with a simple, affordable, shallow-entry resource geared toward parents who want to practice the faith with their kids, but need (and want) more specific guidance on how to do that. Before we move forward, we’d love to get your input.
Some background: In a recent survey of parents using our Peanut Butter & Grace website, we asked what Catholic families most need from the Church right now. How did they respond to this open-ended question? Some 28 percent named “community,” and 26 percent cited “support,” “encouragement,” or “guidance.”
Peanut Butter & Grace already provides parents with free digital resources helping them to practice the faith with their kids, especially through prayer, celebration (through the liturgy and the feasts and seasons of the liturgical year), service, and telling the story of our faith (in ways both formal and informal). Researchers have found that families who engage in these basic practices are more likely to produce children who develop a mature faith that endures into adulthood.
Now, we’d like to produce a series of short, attractive, easy-entry study booklets built around different dimensions of those four core practices. Our thought is that these booklets, which would include a journaling option, might be sent home with parents to read and discuss. Each booklet would call parents to make a concrete commitment to how they want to live that faith practice out in their family life. The purpose of the booklets would not primarily be to deliver information, but to spark discussion, reflection, and a commitment to action.
The booklets would be “shallow entry,” not presuming that parents have been formed in the faith, and would focus on providing a menu of practical, easy, hands-on ways parents can practice the faith with their kids. The booklets would be 14-24 pages long — short enough to be completed in about an hour, either at home or during a parish-based meeting. The booklets would be full color and attractively designed.
While the booklets might be used simply as a send-home resource, we wonder whether they might not also provide a framework for small discussion groups, either on an occasional basis or at a weekly or monthly parish-based meeting. A leader’s guide would be provided for each booklet, with a proposed session outline, discussion questions, and suggested online resources.


Provide feedback

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