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Let kids mail a prayer through God’s mailbox

Decorate a cardboard box (or buy a wood mailbox and decorate it) with the words “God’s Mailbox” and place it in your Home Oratory or on a wall. Provide notecards for kids to write or draw their prayers on, either during Family Prayer Time or anytime they feel so moved.

Kids can “send” their prayers to God by dropping them in the mailbox. Optionally, collect the notecards into a memory book for your kids to browse when they are older.

Older Children and Teens

Older children and teens may like to try a variation on this idea by writing a note to God and sending it to Jerusalem to be placed in the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. According to Jewish tradition, God’s presence has never moved from the Western Wall, which is part of the old wall surrounding the Temple courtyard. About a million notes are placed in the cracks and crevices of the wall every year; twice a year, they are collected by the Rabbi of the Western Wall and buried in the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, among other dignitaries, have left notes in the Western Wall.

Notes can be mailed to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, or sent electronically via english.thekotel.org; notes sent electronically are printed out and placed in the wall.



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