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Come to Knowledge of the Truth • MISSION:CHRISTIAN EXTRA EDITION

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September 18-24: 25th Week in Ordinary Time

St. Padre Pio + Martyrs of the Theban Legion + Bl. John Henry Newman + St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon

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MISSIONS for Your Kids

SUNDAY, September 18

TODAY’S MISSION: Jesus calls us to trust God, not money. We can trust God because he has promised that those who are loving and generous will find themselves rich in “true wealth.” MISSION: Get some “true wealth” for yourself by giving something you own to someone who could use it.

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Amos 8:4-7
Hear this, you who trample upon the needy and destroy the poor of the land!

1 Timothy 2:1-8
This is good and pleasing to God our savior, who wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.

Luke 16:1-13
If, therefore, you are not trustworthy with dishonest wealth, who will trust you with true wealth?

Get a family-friendly look at the readings plus reflection questions for kids, teens, and adults in this week’s Breaking Open the Word at Home.

National Cheeseburger Day: Pickle or no pickle?

MONDAY September 19

TODAY’S MISSION: The “holy cheerfulness” that Emily de Rodat says we should have is not a fake cheerfulness, but cheerfulness that comes from God, and put on for the good of others. MISSION: Practice “holy cheerfulness” today. Pray for help being cheerful if you need it!

Proverbs 3:27-34
Th e Book of Proverbs is a collection of wisdom and practical advice about values, moral behavior, the meaning of life, and the will of God. Jesus and his friends would have known it. What advice does it have for you?

St. Emily de Rodat (1787-1852)
The young woman who began teaching poor children, and soon was joined by other young women. They formed a community dedicated to the care of orphans, the sick, and the imprisoned.

“Keep your enthusiasm. Be brave. Put all your trust in God. And always maintain a holy cheerfulness.”

Talk Like a Pirate Day: Argh! Avast, ye mateys! Annoy all yer friends an’ teachers, like!

TUESDAY September 20

TODAY’S MISSION: Christians in parts of the world today still have to practice their faith in secret, much like the early Korean Christians did. MISSION: Find a way to support persecuted Christians. You can pray, offer sacrifices, or go to the International Religious Freedom page at usccb.org for many ways to take action.

Proverbs 21:1-6, 10-13
Th ose who are “just” (that is, right with God) will do well, while the wicked will come to their doom (sooner or later).

Sts. Andrew Kim Tae-gŏn and Companions (died 1839-1867)
St. Andrew Kim Tae-gŏn, a Korean priest, was among 98 Koreans and three French
missionaries who were tortured and killed during the persecution of Catholics in Korea.

“If I have talked with foreigners, it has been for my religion and for my God. . . . My immortal life is about to begin.”

The Catholic Church began in Korea in 1784; today, 10 million Koreans are Catholic

WEDNESDAY September 21

TODAY’S MISSION:Tax collectors like Matthew were despised by most Jews because the taxes went to the Roman occupiers, and because they often took more than necessary to keep for themselves. They were considered traitors and thieves . . . yet Jesus befriended them anyway. MISSION: Be friendly to someone despised by others.

Matthew 9:9-13
Matthew, one of the hated tax collectors, is sitting at his desk just doing his job when Jesus makes him a better offer.

St. Matthew (apostle)
Today’s Gospel describes the call of Matthew, a tax collector. The same Matthew is believed
to have written the Gospel of Matthew. He is said to have preached the Gospel in other lands before being martyred.

GOD’S CREATION: Fall Wildflowers
Many native wildflowers bloom in the fall, including wild hyssop, which is a symbol of penitence, humility, and baptism: “Cleanse me with hyssop, that I may be pure; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow” (Psalm 51:9). How many wildflowers can you find in your neighborhood? What saint or virtue could they symbolize?

International Day of Peace: Be peace today!

THURSDAY September 22

Jubilee for Catechists begins

TODAY’S MISSION: The soldiers of the Theban Legion were ready to obey their commander—but not when it came to disobeying God. MISSION: Obey God rather than the unjust rules or wishes of others.

Luke 9:7-9
King Herod (and a lot of other people) wonders just who Jesus is. Is he John the Baptist,
raised from the dead? Is he Elijah the prophet, come down from heaven? Or someone else?

Martyrs of the Theban Legion (died 287)
A large group of Roman soldiers who were executed because, on the eve of battle, they refused to sacrifice to the Roman gods.

“We readily oppose all your enemies, but we cannot dip our hands in the blood of innocent persons. We would rather die innocent than live by any sin.”

Autumnal Equinox: Summer ends, fall begins

FRIDAY September 23

TODAY’S MISSION: Suffering is unavoidable in life. We can’t control it, but we can control how we respond to it. When we give our suffering to God in love as Jesus and Padre Pio did, God brings good out of it. MISSION: Offer your suffering today, no matter how small, to God.

Luke 9:18-22
Jesus asks his apostles who they say he is—then answers the question by naming himself as one who must suffer and die.

St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968)
Th e Capuchin friar who received the stigmata (the wounds of Christ) in his hands and feet.
Th ousands of people visited him to receive the sacrament of Penance; many said he “read” their souls. Others reported medical cures as a result of his prayers. He used his influence
to build a large hospital.

“The surest test of love consists in suffering for the loved one, and if God suffered so much for love, the pain we suffer for Him becomes as lovable as love itself.”

The Nintendo company got its start on this day in 1889 selling a card game

SATURDAY September 24

TODAY’S MISSION: should rely on God, who is eternal, rather than on the passing things of the world. MISSION: Take the advice of Ecclesiastes to “let your heart be glad” today, relying on God alone.

Ecclesiastes 11:9—12:8
Here’s an ancient poem about youth and old age. Check out the notes in your Bible to help you figure out the many symbols it uses. The theme of Ecclesiastes is that “all is vanity”—that is, life goes by quickly, and no matter what its course, always ends with death.

Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)
Th e famous Anglican priest, historian, and theologian whose research into early Church history led him to enter the Catholic Church, and eventually to change the way the Church did
things. He wrote the prayer at the beginning of this journal.

“To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed oft en.”

National Family Health and Fitness Day: Go jogging with your family!

Coming Up

Jubilee for Catechists (Sept. 23-25)

Feast of the Archangels (Sept. 29)

Pope Francis visits Georgia and Azerbaijan (Sept. 30)

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Have your kids look at the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (available online) #358-362, then let them choose questions to pose to you; they get points if they can “stump” you, you get points if you answer correctly. See the full rules at “Stump the Parents.”

363. What is freedom?

364. What is the relationship between freedom and responsibility?

365. Why does everyone have a right to exercise freedom?

366. What place does human freedom have in the plan of salvation?

367. What are the sources of the morality of human acts?

368. When is an act morally good?

369. Are there acts which are always illicit?

How to use M:CEE

MISSION:CHRISTIAN; EXTRA EDITION (M:CEE) is the parent supplement to the MISSION:CHRISTIAN journal for kids ages 8-12. • Each day, read the day’s Scripture and/or saint with your child. Then give your child his/her mission for the day. (Use the Special Missions to replace daily missions that don’t work for your child.) • Beginning in August, your child will be able to file a “mission report” at the end of each day using his/her journal, which can be ordered in book form or printed out from the linked PDF. • Every week, check out articles just for parents in the Power to the Parents section of M:CEE. • Play Stump the Parents every week to help your children learn about their faith. • E-mail subscribers get special discount codes for 15%, 20%, or 25% off items in the Gracewatch Media store every month.

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