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The Kingdom of God Is at Hand • M:CEE

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July 3-9: Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Independence Day + St. Maria Goretti + St. Augustine Zhao Rong

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LSG-ad-2You can switch out these special missions for one or more of the daily missions.


SUNDAY, July 3

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

FIRST READING Isaiah 66:10-14C
As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; in Jerusalem you shall find your comfort.

Let all the earth cry out to God with joy.

SECOND READING Galatians 6:14-18
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers and sisters. Amen.

GOSPEL Luke 10:1-12, 17-20
“The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.”

TODAY’S MISSION: Preview the Sunday readings with your kids, using these basic questions as a starting point for conversation:

  • What is the common theme in these readings?
  • What line or phrase most spoke to you?
  • How is God’s Word in these readings calling you to live?

Get a family-friendly look at the readings plus reflection questions for kids, teens, and adults in this week’s Breaking Open the Word at Home.



Independence Day

God’s Word for you today

Matthew 9:18-26
“I shall be cured.” Jesus healed two ladies in today’s readings: one old and one young. The young one was healed because of her father’s intercession, the old one took matters into her own hands.  We can ask Jesus for help for ourselves, and for others through our prayers.

Your holy mentor for today

Blessed Catherine Jarrige (1754-1836)
The woman who made it her mission to establish safe houses for hiding priests during the French Revolution, and who personally brought them supplies . . . and prayed with them when they were caught and sentenced to death.

TODAY’S MISSION: Like Catherine, provide aid to a priest.



God’s Word for you today

Matthew 9:32-38
“His heart was moved with pity.” Wherever Jesus went, he found people who felt lost and abandoned. They were sick, lonely, and didn’t have a relationship with God. God always seeks us out to make us whole.

Your holy mentor for today

St. Anthony Zaccaria (1502-1539)
A priest who wanted to reform the Church from the ground up. He helped regular people to become more holy in order to help the Church become more holy.

TODAY’S MISSION: Like Jesus in today’s reading, help the “mute” speak. (The “mute” may be anyone whose voice isn’t normally heard by others.)



God’s Word for you today

Matthew 10:1-7
“The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Jesus gave authority to his apostles to heal and sent them out to do just that. With their charity and kindness, they were letting people know that God’s Kingdom was with them. We represent that Kingdom every day with our kindness.

Your holy mentor for today

St. Maria Goretti (1890-1902)
A young girl who forgave her murderer and visited him in a dream to help him seek forgiveness.

TODAY’S MISSION: Like St. Maria Goretti, forgive someone or urge someone to seek forgiveness.



God’s Word for you today

Matthew 10:7-15
“No sack for the journey.” Jesus sent the apostles out to proclaim the Kingdom of God without a traveling sack, or a walking stick, or sandals, or a second tunic, or even any money! The message? Doing God’s work requires total trust that God will supply what we need.

Your holy mentor for today

Blessed Emmanuel Ruiz and Companions (1804-1860)
These Franciscans (and three laymen) were attacked and tortured by a Muslim mob, and when they would not convert, they were killed.

TODAY’S MISSION: Like the apostles in today’s reading, practice total dependence on God for what you need today.


FRIDAY, July 8

God’s Word for you today

Matthew 10:16-23
“Do not worry.” Jesus told the apostles that as they went preaching, people would not only reject them, but try to kill them. We aren’t always going to be popular when we do what’s right, but God will be with us no matter what.

Your holy mentor for today

St. Siseos (d. 430)
One of the more famous of the Desert Fathers, men who went to live alone in the desert in order to practice being close to God. St. Siseos lived in a cave for sixty years, and was widely sought for his advice. “I pray daily that the Lord will preserve me from saying an idle word,” he said, “and yet I am always relapsing.”

TODAY’S MISSION: Practice the advice of St. Siseos to keep silent unless you have something good to say.



God’s Word for you today

Matthew 10:24-33
“Proclaim on the housetops.” Jesus wants us to brave in sharing the Gospel. What we hear about God is not supposed to be kept to ourselves.

Your holy mentor for today

St. Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions (17th-20th centuries)
A group of 120 European and Chinese people, ages 9-79 who were killed for their faith in China. Augustine Zhao Rong was a Chinese soldier who converted to Catholicism after accompanying some Christians to their death; he became a priest and was later martyred.

TODAY’S MISSION: In honor of Augustine Zhao Rong and the other martyrs of China, write a letter to your member of Congress or the Chinese ambassador in support of religious freedom, both in the United States and China. (Parents, see the USCCB Religious Liberty page for resources.)



Living Sparks of God: Stories of Saints for Young Catholics to Color
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My Own Little Bird
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Me Before You, or You Before Me? Talking to Kids about Assisted Suicide
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Here’s a brand-new place to buy and sell used homeschool curriculum and supplies. It’s like E bay for Catholic home educators!

5 Ideas for Grandparent Faithsharing
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The Unexpected Child: Dealing with Shock, Fear, and Anxiety
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Shaking the Dust | Breaking Open the Word at Home
The Good News is certainly good, but it isn’t easy. Our mission—and our faith is fruitless without mission—brings us joy and also brings challenge. We are given comfort along the way, particularly when things seem their bleakest. by Jen Schlameuss-Perry


STUMP THE PARENTS: The Sacrament of the Eucharist Part 1

Have your kids look at the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (available online) #271-282, then let them choose questions to pose to you; they get points if they can “stump” you, you get points if you answer correctly. See the full rules at “Stump the Parents.”

Sample questions:

  • What is the Eucharist? (#271)
  • When did Jesus Christ institute the Eucharist? (#272)
  • How did he institute the Eucharist? (#273)
  • What does the Eucharist represent in the life of the Church? (#274)
  • What are the names for this sacrament? (#275)
  • Where does the Eucharist fit in the divine plan of salvation? (#276)
  • How is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist carried out? (#277)
  • Who is the minister for the celebration of the Eucharist? (#278)
  • What are the essential and necessary elements for celebrating the Eucharist? (#279)
  • In what way is the Eucharist a memorial of the sacrifice of Christ? (#280)
  • In what way does the Church participate in the eucharistic sacrifice? (#281)
  • How is Christ present in the Eucharist? (#282)



How to use M:CEE

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