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God Chose the Weak of the World • MISSION:CHRISTIAN Parents

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January 29-February 4: Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Feast of the Presentation + St. Brigid + Blessed Juniper + St. John Bosco + St. Blaise


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Teach your kids to be holy fools. It’s Blessed Brother Juniper’s feast day Sunday (or it would be, if it weren’t Sunday). Share the story of this warm, funny, and surprisingly wise “holy fool” with your kids in our saints for kids feature . . . then download the coloring page that goes with it.

Celebrate the 40th day of Christmas. Can you believe it’s been forty days since Christmas? Well, it will be on February 2, which is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. It’s also the day traditionally known as Candlemas—and a good excuse to light a few candles in honor of the newborn baby Jesus! Check out four other ways to celebrate the feast.

Use the power of your smartphone for good. Youth minister Ryan Langr has been checking out the latest Catholic apps, and he has four he thinks your family will love.

Take 3 minutes to teach your kids about consecrated life. That’s because it;s the World Day for Consecrated Life on February 2. Yep, same day as the Feast of the Presentation. See what the Church did there? Make sure your kids know how they are consecrated; older kids might benefit from the three-minute video at the USCCB.

Bless those throats! February 3 is the feast of St. Blaise, traditionally the day when people go to Mass to have their throats blessed. This time of year, we need all the help we can get!

Become humble of heart. Preview this weekend’s Sunday readings with your kids! They’re all about humility (the Gospel features the beattitudes which, as Radix used to say, are the “attitude to be.”). Check them out with Breaking Open the Word at Home.


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The Beatitude Rap, sung with real “attitude” by a bunch of church kids. The video will have your kids singing (and dancing) along! If rap’s not your thing, try the equally catchy Beatitude Song. Both videos include on-screen lyrics so you can sing along.



St. John Bosco (Tuesday): Inspired by a series of dreams, John Bosco dedicated his life to the betterment and education of street children, juvenile delinquents, and other disadvantaged youth. He developed teaching methods based on love rather than punishment, and opened a school for boys who had nowhere to go. He even learned how to juggle and walk a tightrope to entertain the street children!

St. Brigid of Ireland (Wednesday), one of those awesome Irish saints. She was born into slavery, but she kept giving away her master’s things to the poor, so he freed her. She became a nun and, in time, the abbess (or leader) of the monastery at Kildare. She was known for her generosity and performed many miracles, including turning water into milk for a poor, sick woman who was healed when she drank it. She is also known to comparing the Kingdom of Heaven to a great lake of beer!






“Serve the Lord joyfully.”

—St. John Bosco


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