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November 20-26: 34th Week in Ordinary Time

Feast of Christ the King + Thanksgiving + Presentation of Mary + Blessed Miguel Pro


Download MISSION:CHRISTIAN (November 2016) for this week’s daily missions and live web links to each day’s Scripture reading and saint biography.

At the download page, you can purchase the PDF for $5 or download it for free. You can also get your daily MISSION:CHRISTIAN fix at our Facebook page: @peanutbutterandgrace.



  • If you plan to order The Children’s Little Advent Book or MISSION:CHRISTIAN Advent+Christmastide, please note that in order to arrive before Sunday, November 27, orders must be received by Monday, November 21. All orders will go out first-class mail (approximately 3-day delivery). Quantities on hand are limited. Both titles will be available for PDF download beginning next week. Don’t forget to use this month’s coupon code (see below)!
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Make gratitude the main dish at your table this Thanksgiving with these 12 Thanksgiving prayer ideas.

Encourage an attitude of gratitude between now and Thanksgiving by having kids fill out our one-page printable Gratitude Journal. Use the completed list of things your kids are grateful for as part of your Thanksgiving meal prayer.

Let your kids help break the cycle of poverty by giving to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection this Sunday. CCHD is an anti-poverty initiative of the U.S. Church: “The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by funding community programs that encourage independence,” according to the CCHD website. Prep your kids for giving by having them watch this CCHD video about the great work the Church is doing.

Introduce your kids to St. Catherine of Alexandria, the legendary young woman who converted fifty philosophers, by reading a story about her and downloading our free coloring sheet.

Boycott Black Thursday and Black Friday . . . or at least throttle back the time you spend shopping. Don’t worry—you won’t have to spend all that extra time making turkey pot pie and twiddling your thumbs, because we’ve got eight great alternatives to Black Friday for you to try out!

Talk to your kids about Christ the King, the solemnity of which we celebrate this Sunday; you can preview the Scripture readings with your kids at Breaking Open the Word At Home.

Find a new way to say morning prayers with your kids. Yeah, we’re not morning people either, but the short prayer we say with our kids on the way to school gives God a foot in the door of our day. We’ve got seven suggestions for ways to make morning prayer work.



The Catholic Children’s Bible from Saint Mary’s Press includes the full text of the Bible (in the easy-to-read Good News Translation, Catholic Edition) in an appealing format designed to make the Scriptures accessible to early readers. Vibrant full-color color art throughout, 125 story spreads highlighting key texts, and Understand It!, Live It!, and Tell It! sections that help kids engage, remember, and act on God’s Word. Younger children can begin exploring The Catholic Children’s Bible with the help of an adult, focusing on the 125 story spreads that tell key stories in kid-friendly language. As they grow into independent readers, kids will already be familiar with the basic structure of the Bible—and The Catholic Children’s Bible will make it easy for them to begin reading the full text of the Bible on their own. We purchased The Catholic Children’s Bible as a birthday gift for our daughter, nine years old at the time. It was age-appropriate for her at the time; she was just beginning to read well enough to tackle the text of the Scriptures, and the GNT translation uses somewhat simpler language and sentence structure without compromising the essence of the text. Read the full review here.



The three-year-old Mary on the Memorial of the Presentation of Mary (Monday). The feast recalls Mary’s dedication to holiness from the time of her childhood. According to legend, when an angel told Mary’s mother, Anna, that she would bear a daughter, Anna responded by vowing that the child would be dedicated to the Lord. At the age of three, Mary was brought to the Temple in Jerusalem, where she was “presented” to the Lord. According to this legend, she was raised in the Temple.

St. Cecelia (Tuesday), the early Christian martyr who is supposed to have said, “To die for Christ is not to sacrifice one’s youth, but to renew it.” Later legends said that when she was forced to marry the pagan nobleman Valerian, she “sang in her heart to the Lord” during the wedding, which may be why she is the patron saint of musicians.

Blessed Miguel Pro (Wednesday), who defied laws banning priests from Mexico by serving the people in secret. Eventually he was arrested. At his execution, he blessed the firing squad. With a crucifix in one hand and a rosary in the other, he held his arms out wide and shouted, “May God have mercy on you! May God bless you! Lord, you know that I am innocent! With all my heart I forgive my enemies! Long live Christ the King!” Photos of his execution were printed in the newspapers to scare people. The tactic backfired, because tens of thousands came to his funeral, and the rebels fighting the fascist government often carried the pictures of the martyr with them as they fought. Memo to future anti-Catholic dictators: Making martyrs = not a winning strategy.

Squanto and the pilgrims (Thursday), for Thanksgiving. Our modern-day Thanksgiving is patterned off the meal the Pilgrims held in 1621. But did you know the very first Thanksgiving on American soil was celebrated on September 8, 1565 in St. Augustine, Florida, when the Spanish settlers held a feast and Mass with the local Native Americans? Here’s anther fun fact: Squanto, the Patuxet Indian who helped the Pilgrims, was Catholic. He had been captured by English settlers and sold into slavery in Spain, where he was freed by Franciscan friars and baptized.





“To commit a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God.”

—Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, quoted by Pope Francis in his message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation



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