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November 6-12: 32nd Week in Ordinary Time

National Vocations Awareness Week + Blessed John Duns Scotus + Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity + St. Leo the Great + St. Martin of Tours + Ven. Catherine McAuley


Download MISSION:CHRISTIAN (November 2016) for this week’s daily missions and live web links to each day’s Scripture reading and saint biography.

At the download page, you can purchase the PDF for $5 or download it for free. You can also get your daily MISSION:CHRISTIAN fix at our Facebook page: @peanutbutterandgrace.



Encourage your kids to “put on Christ” every morning by giving them the option to wear their prayer with a Catholic medal, rosary bracelet, prayer wristband, or a fun Catholic t-shirt (get ideas at the post).

Take your kids grocery shopping for those who are hungry, then let them bring the food to your local food shelf.

Build a culture of life right in your own backyard with these ideas from Laura and Mary Kizior.

Take your kids to the polls on Tuesday. It’s a great way to instill a sense of civic responsibility, and the clothespin on your nose could be a good discussion starter. The Wall Street Journal has the 411 on kids at polling places.

Mark National Vocations Awareness Week by exploring vocations.com with your older kids and teens; submit a question, browse others’ questions, or watch a LifeStories video about vocation journeys.

Preview this Sunday’s Scriptures with your family; this Sunday’s readings are all about hope in the resurrection.

Fly to Rome for the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica on Wednesday. It might kill your field trip budget, but how often do you get to celebrate a feast day inside the reason for the feast? Oh yeah . . . every year. Maybe just make this Cathedral Cake from Shower of Roses instead.



You: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body, the new theology of the body curriculum for teens from Ascension Press. It’s the sexual education program that Catholics have been waiting for, because rather than presenting the Church’s teaching on human sexuality as an archipelago of unrelated prohibitions, it connects that teaching with a life-giving, positive vision of the human person. Get the full review at the link, and be sure to enter the giveaway contest on our Facebook page, @peanutbutterandgrace for a chance to win the curriculum.



Blessed John Duns Scotus (Tuesday), because who doesn’t love a scholastic theologian? John was one of the most influential theologians of the High Middle Ages, as the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy admits. “His brilliantly complex and nuanced thought, which earned him the nickname ‘the Subtle Doctor,’ left a mark on discussions of such disparate topics as the semantics of religious language, the problem of universals, divine illumination, and the nature of human freedom.” Just, wow. And they forgot to mention that he also laid the foundation for the doctrine that Mary was conceived without original sin (i.e., the Immaculate Conception).

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity (Wednesday), who has been a canonized saint for just over three weeks (she was canonized October 16). She is often compared to St. Therese of Lisieux for the similarity of their life stories. Elizabeth entered a Carmelite convent when she was 21 and died just five years later. The notebooks of her spiritual writings were published after her death, revealing a wisdom beyond her years. She said: “I feel I have found heaven on earth, because heaven is God and God is in my soul. The day I understood this a light went on inside me, and I want to whisper this secret to all those I love, so they too, in whatever circumstances, will cling increasingly to God.”

St. Martin of Tours (Friday), who was conscripted into the Roman army as a teen but later (famously) refused to fight because of his conversion to Christianity; he is also well known for cutting his cloak in two in order to give half to a beggar. He went on to become a monk, founding the first monastery in France; the residents of Tours tricked him into becoming their bishop by sending word that a sick person needed his presence. When he showed up, he was escorted to the church instead, where some of the consecrating bishops questioned his suitability on the grounds that he was apparently having a bad hair day. Nice to know the saints had hair issues, too.

Venerable Catherine McAuley (Saturday), who spent twenty years caring for an elderly Quaker couple, during which time she also taught the poor. On their deathbeds, they converted to Catholicism and left her their estate, which allowed her to found the first House of Mercy for poor women and orphans and, eventually, the Sisters of Mercy.





“Once you have renounced everything, really everything, then any bold enterprise becomes the simplest and easiest thing in the world.”

—Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli in 1928; he would go on to become St. John XXIII



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