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October 7-13: 27th Week in Ordinary Time

Respect Life Sunday + Our Lady of the Rosary + St. John Henry Newman + St. John XXIII + Venerable Madeleine Delbrêl

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A few options for Catholic moms and dads to try with kids next week.

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  1. Prepare kids to serve the Church with Montessori practical life activities. What do Montessori education, preschool practical life, and church service have to do with one another? Everything, according to Heidi Indahl! Here are 10 Montessori practical life activities for young children you can try at home and how they prepare your child for a life of service in the Church.
  2. Enlist witnesses for Jesus. The Church has called on catechists to “enlist witnesses for Jesus.” As the first catechists of their children, what does this call mean for parents? Veteran catechist Cindy Coleman explores some answers in Everything Is Grace.
  3. Preview the Sunday readings with your kids. In the readings for Sunday, Oct. 7, God gives us pets, partners and a reminder that relationships are not disposable. Preview the readings with Jen Schlameuss-Perry in Breaking Open the Word at Home.
  4. Plan the perfect All Saints’ Day party. For Catholics, Halloween is just the warm-up for the real celebration: All Saints’ Day! You can provide a Christian counterpoint to the ghosts and goblins by planning an All Saints’ Day party for your family—or, if you’re ambitious, for your parish. Check out how in 7 Ideas for the Best All Saints Day Party Ever.
  5. Teach kids what it means to respect human life and dignity during Respect Life Month. October is Respect Life Month in the U.S. Catholic Church, and the U.S. Catholic bishops have scads of resources. So do our friends over at the The Culture of Life Studies program, which develops pro-life curriculum for home and school use. And of course, you can get lots of simple, easy-to-do ideas from our Pro-Life at Home columnists, Mary and Laura Kizior.
  6. Try the Daily Decalogue of St. Pope John XXIII with your kids. The feast day of St. Pope John XXIII is Thursday; mark the occasion by reciting the good pope’s “Daily Decalogue,” ten spiritual goals “only for today.”
  7. Celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. You can make rosary cupcakes (an idea borrowed from our Tracy Bua Smith’s post on the Nativity of Mary). Or make a timeline of Marian apparitions with your kids. Or, what the heck, you can even try saying the rosary with your kids (here are some tips for getting started)! You can use the 50+ works of sacred art we’ve collected on our Pinterest page, or try out the newly revamped Illuminated Rosary, which is getting rave reviews. It’s backordered at the Gracewatch store, but not at Amazon, which is selling the complete hardcover set at a pretty steep discount.
  8. Get your kids to raise money to donate to the special collection for 2018 natural disasters. You can get simple fundraising ideas here, and find out more about the special collection at the USCCB website.


…are checking out The Thoughtful Parent, where our friend Amy Pierper Webb has updated her guide to kids’ growth spurts…and how that might be making them cranky. She includes a printable timeline of kids’ growth spurts, too: The Key to Making Sense of Your Child’s Crankiness: Understanding Toddler Growth Spurts

…are connecting on PB & Grace Parents, our Facebook group for Catholic parents. This week, check out our October sharing thread, where Catholic entrepreneurs and bloggers share their stuff. It’s closed for privacy…ask to be invited, and we’ll let you in.


October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month, and to mark the occasion, Heidi Indahl aims to raise $1000 to send care packages to pro-life health care providers around the country. Each care package will include a personalized thank you card, a copy of her book (Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb: Rosary Reflections for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss), prayer cards, and other goodies. (Peanut Butter & Grace is donating the cost of the book.) The goal: Ship at least one box to each of the 50 states. You can even nominate a worthy provider (medical, spiritual, or other) to receive their own care package!

Support the thank you campaign at its Go Fund Me page.


Sunday, October 7

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
It’s also Respect Life Sunday and Our Lady of the Rosary. Listen for: How God made men and women for one another.

Monday, October 8

St. John Leonardi (1541–1609)
The pharmicist-turned-priest who was a leader in the Catholic Reformation.

Tuesday, October 9

Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)
The famous theologian, Church historian, and Catholic apologist. More about Blessed John Henry Newman.

Wednesday, October 10

St. Daniel Comboni (1831-1881)
He devoted his life to spreading the Good News of Jesus in Africa.

Thursday, October 11

St. John XXIII (1881–1963)
The joyful, humble pope who called the Second Vatican Council. More about St. John XXIII.

Friday, October 12

Blessed Louis Brisson (1817-1908)
The priest who founded an order to help workers find holiness in their daily life.

Saturday, October 13

Venerable Madeleine Delbrêl (1904-1964)
A former atheist who served the poor and re-evangelized France. More about Venerable Madeleine Delbrêl. 

Coming up…

  • St. Theresa of Avila (Oct. 15)
  • St. Paul of the Cross (Oct. 20)
  • St. John Paul II (Oct. 22)


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