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Good Wine • Family Time!

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January 20-26 • Second Week in Ordinary Time

St. Agnes + St. Vincent of Saragosa + Venerable Satoko Kitahara + St. Francis de Sales + Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul + Sts. Timothy and Titus


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A few options for Catholic moms and dads to try with kids next week.

1. Try the daily examen with your kids. The daily examen is a powerful tool for spiritual growth, teaching kids that God is near, present in every moment of their lives…and teaching them how to intentionally nurture their relationship with God. Here’s how to introduce the examen to your kids, with step-by-step age-level options from young children to teens.

2. Try a hands-on approach to family catechesis. Can you do faith formation lessons with wiggly, active children at home? Definitely, if you use a hands-on approach. Heidi Indahl outlines three examples she adapted from the Godly Play religious education program.

3. Have a little more wine. This Sunday’s readings revolve around Jesus’ first public miracle, the changing of the water into wine during a wedding in Cana. Listen for wedding references in the first reading, too, and help your kids make the connection to the Gospel. Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry will help you break open this Sunday’s readings with your kids in Breaking Open the Word at Home.

4. Mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade with prayer and discussion. The anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of abortion in the United States is Jan. 22, and the U.S. Catholic bishops have planned a number of prayer-related events, including the National Prayer Vigil for Life, Nine Days for Life, and the annual Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. You can find more resources on the Peanut Butter & Grace website, including:

5. Honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day by talking about the role of faith in the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Day is Monday, January 21. Over a dinner of his favorite foods (buttermilk-fried chicken, oven-roasted sweet potatoes, cornbread, collard greens, and pecan pie) discuss the role of faith in the civil rights movement. The Catholic Catalogue provides some neat resources here, including that epic photo of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. standing arm-in-arm with other religious activists. Bonus question for your kids: Did you know that his niece is an advocate in the pro-life movement?

6. Get ready for World Youth Day. If you haven’t already registered to go to Panama for the World Youth Day gathering (Jan. 22-29), you’re probably stuck stateside. But that doesn’t mean your kids can’t take a peek at the global gathering of Catholic youth…it’s a great way to teach them about the universality of the Church. Check out the official Panama 2019 website and related social media channels for live coverage throughout the week. WorldYouthDay.com, a private pilgrimage company, also has extensive resources and coverage.

7. Try praying with hand motions. Wiggly, distracted kids during family prayer? Try calling children to prayer with hand motions. Regina Lordan did that with her tw-year-old daughter and had positive results. Here’s what we did and some sample hand signs to try.


Christ the King parish, of Wichita, Kansas, will be getting a free set of four individual Illuminated Rosary books as part of our monthly giveaway. Congratulations to everyone at the parish!

You can enter next month’s drawing here, and preview the Illuminated Rosary books here. If you’ve already entered, no need to enter again; your parish’s entry remains in the pool.



Bishop Joseph Vásquez, of Austin, Texas, Chairman of the Committee on Migration issued the following statement Jan. 10 calling for the President and Congressional leaders to create a border solution and end the government shut-down. Bishop Vasquez’s full statement follows:

“Secure borders and humane treatment of those fleeing persecution and seeking a better life are not mutually exclusive. The United States can ensure both and must do so without instilling fear or sowing hatred. We will continue to advocate for immigration reform to advance the common good and address these issues.

Pope Francis states that migrants are not statistics, but persons with feelings that need ongoing protection. From our work serving immigrant and refugees along the U.S./Mexico border, in the interior of the United States and throughout the world, we know this to be true. We urge lawmakers to look beyond rhetoric and remember the human dignity that God our Father has given each of us simply because we are all His children.

The President and Congressional leaders need to come together and end the shut-down with a solution that recognizes the dignity of work of affected employees, respects the humanity of all regardless of immigration status, and protects the sanctity of human life.”


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