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January 27-February 2 • Third Week in Ordinary Time

St. Thomas Aquinas + Brother Juniper + St. Balthild of Ascania + St. John Bosco + St. Brigid of Ireland + Feast of the Presentation


The February Family Time Pack is here…get the Family Time printable calendar for Jan. 27-Mar. 2, plus bonus pages, including The Daily Examen for Children and Teens and the St. Brigid coloring sheet.

Patrons get all those downloads plus the February Family Devotion printable and more. Become a patron today.


A few options for Catholic moms and dads to try with kids next week.

1. Dedicate the month of February to the Holy Family. February is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Family, and Brian Smith has a complete guide, including the story of the Holy House of Loreto, prayer prompts, activities, special days, and more.

2. Take three minutes to teach your kids about consecrated life. That’s because it’s the World Day for Consecrated Life Feb. 2. Yep, same day as the feast of the Presentation of the Lord. See what the Church did there? Make sure your kids know how they are consecrated; older kids might benefit from this three-minute video. This would also be a great time to check out Jeanie Egolf’s article about raising kids who are open to a religious vocation.

3. Open the scroll. This Sunday, listen for scrolls being opened in both the first reading and the Gospel. Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry will help you break open this Sunday’s readings with your kids in Breaking Open the Word at Home.

4. Celebrate the Feast of the Presentation (Saturday, Feb. 2). Ryan Langr has a reflection and a recipe for strawberry lemon Presentation Pancakes in the latest Cooking with Catholic Kids. Plus, get other ways to celebrate the Feast of the Presentation (also known as Candlemas) in this related article.

5. Get a Brother Juniper coloring sheet. Yeah, he’s only a Servant of God, but the humble Brother Juniper would find that quite appropriate…and your kids will love the story of the trouble he caused when he once stole a pig! Get that and a coloring sheet in Meet Brother Juniper! His feast day is Tuesday (Jan. 29).

6. Celebrate the feast of St. Brigid of Ireland with a coloring sheet and soda bread. Did you know this legendary woman of Ireland was born a slave? Her poverty did not stop her from giving to those who were even more desperate than herself. In time, she founded one of the most famous monasteries in Ireland! Her feast day is Friday, February 1. Read a kid-friendly story about her and get a simple Irish soda bread recipe in Playing with the Saints! And while that bread is baking, read another story about St. Brigid, watch a video about how to make a St. Brigid’s cross, and download a printable coloring page of the saint in Meet St. Brigid!

7. Make St. John Bosco skillet lasagna on Thursd. Ryan Langr walks you through how to make this yummy homage to the patron saint of delinquent boys in the latest Cooking with Catholic Kids. And hey, check out how Cooking with Catholic Kids now features an easier-to-read layout, a printable recipe card, and the ability to adjust servings.

8. Join a World Youth Day stateside event. You may not be in Panama, but your family can still participate in World Youth Day stateside events. Check them out at the USCCB website.



Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, chairman of the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities, issued a formal statement on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The statement read in part:

Protecting the life of the unborn children is the pre-eminent human rights issue of our time, not only because of the sheer magnitude of the numbers, but because abortion attacks the sanctuary of life, the family.  Abortion advocates pit the welfare of the mother against the life of her child.  Every abortion not only destroys the life of an innocent child, but it wounds and scars mothers and fathers who must live with the harsh reality that they hired someone to destroy their daughter or son. In reality, the welfare of parents and their child are always intimately linked.

We are concerned about the life and dignity of the human person wherever it is threatened or diminished.  We care about those harmed by economic poverty, by racism, by religious intolerance.  We care about the plight of the refugee fleeing persecution and the immigrant seeking a better life for his or her family, of victims of violent crime as well as those imprisoned, of those with intellectual or physical disabilities and the frail elderly, of violence and disrespect against those in law enforcement as well as the victims of police brutality.  Anyone whose life is threatened and anyone whose human dignity is disrespected have a claim on our hearts.  

You can read the statement in its entirety here.


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