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Do Good to Those Who Hate You • Family Time!

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February 24-March 2: Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

St. Walburga + Venerable Felix Varela + St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows + St. John Cassian + St. David of Wales + Blessed Engelmar Unzeitig

It’s been a busy week here at Peanut Butter & Grace, so Family Time! is running late. We’ll send out a second e-mail with March calendar downloads and the March family devotion PDF shortly. Thanks for your patience!


A few options for Catholic moms and dads to try with kids next week.

Download an abridged version of “Fasting, Giving, Praying: 25 Ideas for What Kids and Teens Can Do for Lent” as a free printable PDF.

1. Devote the month of March to St. Joseph. In popular practice, March traditionally has been devoted to St. Joseph, whose feast we celebrate March 19. St. Joseph, Jesus’ father on earth, is the patron saint of the entire Church. Brian Smith shares some ways to practice this monthly devotion with your family, including a really neat story about a special staircase your kids will love.

2. Get ready for Lent (part 2). Lent begins Wednesday, March 6. Here are a few quick links to help your family get ready:

Stay tuned for more ways to fast, give alms and pray with your family this Lent…and we’ll feature family-friendly meatless recipes starting next week.

3. Love your enemies. That’s what Jesus asks us to do in this Sunday’s Gospel…and what David actually does in the first reading. Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry will help you preview this Sunday’s readings with your kids in this week’s Breaking Open the Word at Home.

4. Help your kids stay connected to the Church. Young adults are “losing their religion” in record numbers, but parents aren’t powerless in the face of secularizing influences. Here are seven research-backed ways to instill a lifelong love of the faith in your kids.

5. Pray St. Theresa’s Bookmark with worried kids. Do your kids worry? Comfort them with “St. Theresa’s Bookmark,” the perfect prayer for worriers. You can even make it into a bookmark for your worried child, just like St. Theresa did.

6. Refresh your family’s bedtime prayer routine. Instead of drudging through the daily ritual of reciting routine evening prayers, sing, work and pray together to a prerecorded prayer playlist. Heid Indahl and her family gave it a try to help keep God in focus during an otherwise distracted time of day. Here she provides her experience and a playlist to help get you started.


The pope is meeting with top Church leaders from around the world now through Sunday. You can pray and fast for the success of the meeting, and follow it live at the meeting’s website.


Get a free full-book preview of the My First Communion Journal at the Gracewatch store.



The glow of the bonfire frolicked over their eerie faces. Like gargoyles, the bounty hunters chuckled at Waljan’s fate. Their distorted orange faces fit the sinister mood of this chilly fall evening.

Waljan of the Realm, famed Knight of Abidan, felt more like Waljan of the Fools, Snared Rabbit. He’d been snared before. But since the Battle of Centennial Court, he’d ridden high on the gratitude of the citizens of Mortinburg, and things more often went his way.

The prickly rope chafed Waljan’s wrists. Lashed to a rough pine, he struggled against the restraints. The knots only tightened. At least the numbing cold dulled his pain. As his captors rested and discussed his fate, Waljan thought, Some hero I’ve turned out to be. I can lead a successful battle against corruption but can’t free myself from a small band of half-wits!

After expelling the manipulative Judge Asmodeus and his goons from the city of Mortinburg, Waljan had enjoyed his status as resident hero. At first, celebrity fit him like the boots of a much larger man. But he grew into it quickly—or so he thought. After all, it was celebrity and heroism that led him to his current dilemma. Now all he could do was sit, wait, and hope.

So he sat. He sat as he had for hours, studying his captors as they ate, laughed, and told tall tales. One particularly irksome fellow tossed around a smooth opalescent stone he’d taken from Waljan’s pack. Mack, as his gang called him, recounted an old myth about Maweth, the Shadow Assassin. It was clear to Waljan that the man made up the entire story just to belittle him.

Maweth, in his fury,” Mack said with deliberate suspense, “conjured up the malevolence contained in his ghostly death stone.”

“Oh for pity’s sake, it’s a speaking stone, you witless lump!” Waljan murmured as if arguing with his own flickering shadow.

The man continued, “Unseen, unheard, undetected, the malevolence seeped from the death stone and crept through the land. One by one, it turned Maweth’s enemies to dust. With each offense, it gained strength, leaving no traces of the assassin’s evil acts. Justice could never touch him. Until today, eh, lads?”

The men broke out in cheers and laughter. They taunted Waljan, “How’s it feel, Maweth, to finally face justice? Ha!”

“I have told you,” Waljan spewed. “I am Waljan of the Realm, Knight of Abidan. Free me now or suffer the wrath of the king!”

The men laughed all the louder as Mack shouted orders for more ale and rapped a tin cup against a rock….

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