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Your Faith Has Saved You | THE BREAD / June 12-18 / Eleventh Week of Ordinary Time

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Bread-mastWhat’s happening in the Church next week, and how can your family participate?

  • The readings this Sunday celebrate God’s ready forgiveness . . . get the whole scoop in Breaking Open the Word at Home.*
  • We’re also celebrating St. Anthony of Padua, the famous preacher who became a famous finder of lost things. We’ve got menu and service suggestions for celebrating!
  • We have a couple new prayer ideas for you, including bubble prayers* and some suggestions for how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours* as a family.
  • The first hour after a child is born is a sacred time for tenderness, quiet alertness, and connecting; that’s the focus of week 13 in our little retreat for expectant mothers. Also, The first hour after birth is (ideally) a time for receiving the newborn child into the world with tenderness, gazing, and words of welcome.The Gift of Birth author Susan Windley-Daoust has recorded a 30-minute presentation called Unwrapping the Gift of Birth, now available on the Peanut Butter & Grace Youtube channel.
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* Link to the article under MORE FOR YOUR WEEK, below.

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SUNDAY, June 12, 2016
Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Nathan answered David: “The LORD
on his part has forgiven your sin:
you shall not die.”
—2 Samuel 12:7-10, 13

Lord, forgive the wrong I have done.
—Psalm 32

I live by faith in the Son of God
who has loved me and given himself up
for me.
—Galatians 2:16, 19-21

“So I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven because she has shown great love.
But the one to whom little is forgiven,
loves little.”
—Luke 7:36-8: 3

How does being forgiven help you
to know that you are loved?

Breaking Open the Word at Home has more Sunday Scripture resources, including reflection questions for kids and adults; by Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry.



MONDAY June 13
St. Anthony of Padua (1195-1231)
The Franciscan who was widely known for his humility and amazing preaching; he was also a teacher and Doctor of the Church.

St. Albert Chmielowski (1845-1916)
The famous Polish artist who gave up his career to live among and serve the poor as a Third Order Franciscan. He provided a role model to Pope John Paul II during his priestly formation.

Flag Day

St. Marguerite d’Youville (1701-1771)
The mother of six who, after her husband’s death, began a religious order known as the “Grey nuns”; they became known for never refusing to serve those in need.

St. John Francis Regis (1597-1640)
Regis was a great priest who converted many people throughout France and Canada with his preaching and ministry to the poor and imprisoned.

FRIDAY June 17
St. Joseph Cafasso (1811-1860)
The priest whose long hours praying before the Eucharist inspired him to help prisoners condemned to death.

Venerable Matt Talbot (1856-1925)
Matt was a serious alcoholic who turned his life around. He got a job, became a Secular Franciscan, was generous to the poor and very prayerful.

1 week to Father’s Day (June 19)
1 weeks to World Refugee Day (June 20)
2 weeks to Peter’s Pence Collection (June 26)


Try out a handful of these ideas this week! Numbers in brackets are points for the #GetYourGraceOn game.


Prayerfully preview the Scriptures for this Sunday with your kids. Ask these questions: What line or image from these readings stood out for you? Why? Did you notice a common theme or connection between the readings? How do the readings call us to live as a family?

This week, take time to pray for those who have sinned against us—
personally, nationally or in our families. Pray for the conversion of their hearts and for them to experience healing through the “Prayer for Our Enemies” on

Does your family pray to St. Anthony when you lose something? Read “Praying with St. Anthony” and “Pray with the Help of a Saint” at pbgrace.com for ideas.


Traditional foods for the feast of St. Anthony include sardines and sangria. Celebrate with a sardine-tasting party that includes non-alcoholic sangria (grape juice and floaty fruit) for the kids—and real sangria for mom and dad!

With the emphasis of this Sunday’s readings on God’s amazing forgiveness, this week could be a great time to take your kids to the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation.


Another tradition of St. Anthony’s feast day is to bake bread, bless it, and give it to the poor. Baking bread is a fun family activity. Bake some loaves for your sardine-tasting party, and bake a few to give away to anyone who might appreciate it.

Get an empty jar, label it “Peter’s Pence,” and encourage family members to begin filling it with change for the upcoming collection. Kids can scour for loose change around the house and outside, or go “begging” among family and friends. The Peter’s Pence collection is taken up worldwide June 25-26 and helps support the works of Pope Francis by providing relief to victims of war, religious persecution, and natural disasters. More information about the collection can be found at usccb.org/ppc.

Saint Regis was active in prison ministry, helping people in prison to find reconciliation with God. This week, figure out the best way to minister to prisoners and newly released prisoners in your area. Have the kids make prayer cards for your local prison ministry chaplain to bring to those they visit.

St. Albert Chmielowski expressed his religious faith in his art, most notably his Ecce Homo. If you have a budding artist in your household, get colored chalks and make public art for people to enjoy in a local park.


Here is a discussion question for the older kids at your meal table this week: It’s Flag Day June 14. How is our Christian faith compatible with patriotism? When does our Christian faith take precedence over allegiance to our country?

Pope Francis is known for visiting prisons to bring comfort to those who have lost their freedom because of poor choices that they have made. Visiting the imprisoned is one of the Corporal Works of Mercy. Our readings this weekend are all focused on forgiveness of terrible sins.
Google some of the stories of the Pope’s visits to prisons and see what he said and did while he was there. What made an impression on you? Why is it important to continue to care for those who have committed terrible sins, and why is it important for us to try to forgive them? What does God’s forgiveness of those people tell us about how God forgives us?


Stump the Parents: The Liturgical Year

Have your kids look at the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (available online) #247–251, then let them choose questions to pose to you; they get points if they can “stump” you, you get points if you answer correctly. See the full rules at “Stump the Parents” at pbgrace.com.
Sample questions:

  • Why is the one Mystery of Christ celebrated by the Church according to various liturgical traditions? (#247)
  • What is the criterion that assures unity in the midst of plurality? (#248)
  • Is everything immutable in the liturgy? (#249)
  • How are the sacraments of the Church divided? (#250)
  • How is Christian initiation brought about? (#251)



Receiving the Newborn Child: Gazing, Quiet Awareness, and Nursing
The first hour after birth is (ideally) a time for receiving the newborn child into the world with tenderness, gazing, and words of welcome.

Unwrapping the Gift of Birth
A video presentation by Susan Windley-Daoust.

The Bubble Prayer: A Way for Kids to Send Prayers to God
Here’s a super-simple way for kids ages 3-7 to send their prayers to God.

Pray the Liturgy of the Hours with Your Kids
Help your family to “pray constantly” (or at least morning, noon, and night) by adapting the Liturgy of the Hours to your family routine.

God Forgives Our Sins | Breaking Open the Word at Home
God’s forgiveness shines in this week’s readings. As Paul says in his letter to the Galatians, righteousness doesn’t depend on what we’re able to do, but on our faith in Jesus.

Praying with St. Anthony

Pray with the Help of a Saint

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