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Prayer Journals: A Space for Teens to Reflect on Their Spiritual Health

prayer-journalEncourage your teen to keep a prayer journal as a way to develop and enrich her prayer life. Sometimes, the process of writing thoughts down leads to new insights and clarity (see Write Your Prayer).

Teens can use their prayer journal to write out their prayers, almost as if they were writing a letter to God. Alternatively, they can use the prayer journal as a place to reflect on their prayer experience—a habit encouraged by St. Ignatius of Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises. Some questions teens might want to consider in their prayer journal:

► What was the mood or tone of my prayer—happy, sad, melancholy? (Ignatius emphasizes paying attention to emotions for clues about how we need to grow in the spiritual life.)

► What words or phrases or images were a theme in my prayer?

► What is God saying to me in my prayer?

► What does my prayer experience reveal about my spiritual health?

The prayer journal itself can be a plain old notebook or blank bound journal, or even a private blog.

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