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Pro-life Videos to Watch with Your Family


Videos can be powerful tools for teaching children about the sanctity of life. Here are eight YouTube clips you can share with your family to help mark the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.


by Regina Lordan


Categorized by age appropriateness, these life-affirming videos are poignant and could be effective tools to help children begin to understand the pro-life movement. As always, only you know you child’s maturity level and readiness to learn about something as serious as protecting life, so proceed with caution.


Videos for Young Children: God Knew Us and Loved Us Before We Were Even Born

Children will recognize the familiar illustrations inspired by Dr. Seuss to remind us that all life is precious and “a person is a person, no matter how small.” The video is from HyperPixelsMedia.

Here’s another by HyperPixelsMedia expressing through images, words and music that every life is God’s masterpiece.

This is a simple and sweet video showing images of babies born and babies in the womb. The video is narrated by a young child reciting parts of the Bible that reference life.

For Older Children Beginning to Understand the Pro-life Movement

This video clip is produced by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Watch kids express in their own words why, as the video is titled, “Life Matters!”


For Mature Children and Teens: Pro-life is Bigger Than Partisan Politics

This clip produced by America Magazine gives a rundown of what happens at a pro-life march and why people march in the first place.

Here is the same concept, as covered by Ascension Press.

In this video produced by Catholic News Service, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia challenges Catholics to step outside of the partisan box and recognize that Catholics are Catholics first, and our role is to protect the sanctity of human life regardless of how politicians slice it.

Here is a compilation from America Magazine of different voices expressing their views on being pro-life in a world that wishes to stereotype the movement. Hear from a pro-life feminist, pro-life progressive, pro-life conservative and more mixed up labels.


Regina Lordan, a digital editor at Peanut Butter & Grace, is a mother of three with master’s degrees in education and political science. She currently reviews books for Catholic News Service and is a former assistant international editor of Catholic News Service.

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