A Catholic Household Library

Here are some books that would be good to have in any Catholic household:


A Catholic Bible

  • Preferably the NAB or NRSV Catholic Edition, with interpretive articles. The Catholic Study Bible (Oxford University Press) or the Catholic Connections Family Bible (Saint Mary’s Press) are two good options. The Catholic Youth Bible and the Breakthrough Bible (Saint Mary’s Press) are good options for teens and pre-teens. The Catholic Book of Bible Stories is appropriate for children.


Catholic Catechism

  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the “universal” catechism for the whole Church. Alternatively, try the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (a summary of the Catechism in question-and-answer format) or the U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults (the Catechism in a narrative format, adapted for use in the United States). The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth (Saint Mary’s Press) is a teen-friendly adaptation of the Catechism.


A Book of Catholic Prayers

  • Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers (USCCB Publishing) is more than 500 pages of blessings and prayers for every occasion, designed especially for use in the home.


Daily Mass Readings

  • A book of the daily Mass readings provides an easy way of reading the Scriptures every day—and preparing for Mass. Try a daily missal or a subscription to The Word Among Us Plus Daily Mass Readings (Word Among Us Press, wau.org).



Catechism of the Catholic Church


Browse or search the Catechism online at the website of the Knights of Columbus.


Catholic Answers


Search for answers to your questions or submit a question of your own in the Catholic Answers forum. Click on “Catholic Q & A” in the lefthand sidebar.




This professional website offers the truths of the Catholic faith in an easy-to-understand question-and-answer format. Each question is accompanied by videos that explore the question in more depth (one for adults, one for children); a slideshow of related images; cross-references to Scripture and Church documents; reflection questions, and more.


Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church


A summary of the Church’s social teaching on family, work, human rights, economics, peace, the environment, and other issues. Available at the Vatican website or as a book at bookstores.


General interest



A very large website with lots of tools and high-quality articles from Franciscan Media. Look in the Youth Update and Catholic Update sections for articles on the basics of the Catholic faith.


Catholic Digest


A general-interest “magazine for Catholic living.” Includes sections for parents, families, and grandparents.


Catholic Cuisine


This blog run by several Catholic homeschooling mothers features recipes, meal plans, and crafts to celebrate Catholic holidays throughout the year.


For families



“All things faith, family, and fun—from a Catholic perspective.” A large website with lots of activities, articles, forums, crafts, coloring pages, and catechetical materials for family faith formation.


Faith and Family Live!


The website of Faith and Family magazine. Sign up for the daily digest to have content delivered to your inbox.


At Home With Our Faith


This is the website of At Home With Our Faith newsletter which aims to provide “everyday wisdom from real Catholic parents,” including creative ideas, strategies, and advice. Sign up for their weekly e-mail newsletter.

Other resources


Family Formation


Did you like last year’s GIFT home study materials? You can order them for your family online.




This is a Sunday missal that children can use to help them follow the Mass. Each month’s packetcontains a booklet of sixteen color pages for each Sunday, and also special issues for all major feast days. Each issue includes all the readings and the prayers of the Sunday Mass, with explanations of the difficult words and the meaning of the rituals; a daily prayer adapted from the Liturgy of the Hours; many suggestions on how to live the entire week with the Lord; various games, a comic, and activities to help children learn about Christian life and culture; and a page intended for the parents with suggestions for family prayers.




Cat.Chat is a Catholic audio show for kids ages 3-11. Using prayer, conversations, faith-filled stories and songs, each CD in the series discusses important aspects of the Catholic faith while teaching children powerful lessons for living out their faith in everyday life. Also available for download as an MP3 from Amazon.




Contemporary Catholic music, both liturgical and popular. A division of Catholic music publisher OCP.

Additional resources:

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