Do you love Peanut Butter & Grace?

Then consider being a Peanut Butter & Grace
ambassador at Catholic events.



Contact our ambassador coordinator using the form below.



Got questions? We’ve got some answers.


What is a Peanut Butter & Grace ambassador?

Ambassadors sell Peanut Butter & Grace books at Catholic conferences and events (parish fairs, school book fairs, and so on). We’re using the termĀ ambassadors rather thanĀ sales representative because we hope that our ambassadors will be “ambassadors of Christ,” and of our mission to help ordinary Catholic parents raise their kids in the faith.


What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

We’ll pay your conference registration fee, plus you’ll receive 15% of the receipts for your sales. So for every $100 you sell, you’ll keep $15. Plus, we put a $50 floor on your sales commission, meaning you’ll earn at least that much, even if you don’t sell anything. And you can purchase any books you don’t sell for 50% off the retail price…the standard wholesale rate. Or simply send them back in salable condition (we’ll pay the postage).


What commitments do ambassadors make?

You’ll commit to getting to the conference or event where you’re representing Peanut Butter & Grace, and paying all expenses related to your conference attendance (other than your registration fee). You also commit to making a good faith effort to sell our books by setting up and staffing our table for at least a portion of the conference or event.


Do I need to pay anything for being an ambassador?

We’ll take care of all standard expenses, including the cost of shipping books to and from the conference. You’ll need to keep track of your earning for tax purposes. Other than that, you won’t pay anything. You don’t need to buy our products or pay a fee.


Will you pay my travel expenses?

No, we can’t afford to pay your travel expenses, which is why we suggest selling at local events, or events you plan on attending anyway.


Will Peanut Butter & Grace find conferences or events for me, or do I need to find my own?

Initially, you will need to find your own selling opportunities in your area. Local Catholic conferences and meetings or parish events are prime opportunities. If you have a large network of friends, you could also sell from your home. Once you’ve been an ambassador for us, we’ll be sure to contact you if we see opportunities in your area.


How much will I make?

That varies widely, of course, but most small conferences and events we attend generate between $600 and $1500 in sales.


Do I need to be at the table for the entire event?

No, although obviously you will sell more if the table is staffed continuously. At many small Catholic conferences and events, however, it simply doesn’t make sense to staff the table during sessions or mealtimes. You make your own hours!


For more details, read our Ambassador Agreement. Or contact our ambassador coordinator using the form above.